The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny – Michael Mullin

“This is the story of Penny Lemieux
Most of its strange, but all of its true.
Or perhaps that should read the opposite way.
We won’t ever be certain. (well… at least not today.)”
Penny was the princess of a land far away, she doesn’t know far from what, but what she does know is that life should be fun and happiness for a princess. Yet Penny’s life was far from happy, she was all alone, alone with the rumours about her vainness. But all these rumours were started by the same person, and Penny had had enough. Darcy DeLupus was the Queen Bee at school and after years of making Penny’s life hell, she was going to pay! Penny visits a witch in the middle of the woods to exact her revenge.

I thought this was a brilliantly told, quick, enjoyable story and I really enjoyed it. I was drawn to the book for its awesome cover, although as it’s a Kindle book you rarely see the cover but nevermind! I love books told in verse so I knew I’d love this one.
The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny is told not only in verse but in rhyming couplets. It was a bit odd to get used to at first but I love the sing-song nature of it, like it’s a childrens book but for teens. It felt a little forced at times but I find many rhyming poems do so I can forgive it for that, but I did really enjoy the flow of the writing for the most part.
I loved the story about Penny and getting her revenge on Darcy, I also loved the twist and what came out about Penny and Darcy’s old friendship. I felt so sorry for Penny and I really wanted to just go hug her and make her feel better. I loved Jink too and what happened with him. That was a little obvious but I still really liked it.
Anyway, much like the book this review is short and sweet. I really found bits of this book amusing and thought it was really well written. I thought it lacked a lot of depth and that some of the rhyming felt forced but other than that it really was a fun read!
The Plight and Plot of Princess Penny was published in February by Gemiknight Studios. My copy was purchased from the Kindle Store.

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