Book review of the Places I've Cried in Public by holly bourne
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The Places I’ve Cried in Public – Holly Bourne

Amelie loved Reese. And she thought he loved her. But she’s starting to realise love isn’t supposed to hurt like this. So now she’s retracing their story and untangling what happened by revisiting all the places he made her cry.

Because if she works out what went wrong, perhaps she can finally learn to get over him.

Trigger warning: Rape, Gaslighting, Abuse.

This book man. It was intense.

I loved every minute. But it made me so angry and I just wanted to jump in and protect Amelie. She’s still so young and what happens to her is not nice. And thats an understatement.

This is a hard book to read and thats also an understatement. Amelie is gaslighted by Reese. That is, he manipulates her, emotional tortures her, makes her feel so small and ‘crazy’. It is an awful situation to be in for anyone, let alone a 16 year old who has just been uprooted. She’s got enough going on when he worms his way in.

The story takes you through flashbacks of the relationship. Amelie is remembering all the places Reese made her cry in public. Recapping what happened in that part of her relationship. At first Amelie knows that Reese made her cry a lot. She’s still fresh from the breakup and she doesn’t really see the problem with what happened. As the book goes on she begins to realise that what she had with Reese wasn’t right.

As I say, the book is not a nice one. It is exceptionally difficult to read, hurting in the worst way as you see the hurt that Reese caused. But I think it is one of the most important YA books I’ve ever read.

Gaslighting happens, it shouldn’t but it does. And it happens earlier in life than people realise. It happens in teenage relationship and books like All The Places I’ve Cried will help teenagers recognise what it means and what it looks like. It serves to remind people that this stuff happens, and its not the victims fault. I really hope this book helps a lot of young readers understand the abuse that goes on.

The Place I’ve Cried in Public is a difficult but so needed read. Holly Bourne has done an amazing job on writing such a difficult book and every page makes you want to carry on reading.

The Places I’ve Cried in Public was published in 2019 by Usborne Children’s Books. My copy was gifted to me.

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