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The Originals – Cat Patrick

“My part is first half. 
I go to student government, chemistry, trigonometry, psychology, and history at school, the do the rest of the day at home. I maintain that Mom was in a mood when she made the assignments this year – math and science are definitely not my best subjects.”

Lizzie, Ella and Betsy live like sisters in their home, to look at them you would think they were sisters, but to the outside world they are just one person – Elizabeth – and they split the day between them. This is because in reality they are clones, they shouldn’t even exist, but they do and they are living, in hiding because their mum could go to prison for their mere existence. This choice never really bothered them, they liked that the day was split up like this, until Lizzie falls for Sean and Ella falls for Dave, and the three of them realise that they want to be their own people, and they want their mum to tell them exactly why they can’t be three separate people anymore.
I am a huge fan of both of Cat Patrick’s other books, they blew me away and I expected a lot from The Originals because of them. Thankfully though The Originals was just as brilliant as I expected and I couldn’t get enough of it, with its fantastic character voice and the blend of modern day contemporary with science I was hooked as soon as I read the first line.
I love the way that Cat Patrick can take something that is as science based as cloning and turn it into a contemporary teen novel about loving your sisters, doing anything for them and falling for the boy of your dreams. It was such a fascinating topic and I was amazed by how many questions it brought up in my mind about the technique, but that never took anything away from the overall contemporary feel of the book. There was aspects of crime in the book too and something seriously dodgy going on with the girls’ mum. All of this is what hooked me in and kept me reading, and was the reason that I read the book in three sitttings. 
The story is brilliant and I do not blame Lizzie for falling for Sean, he was beautiful and his personality stood right out from off the page, he was definitely my kind of guy and I liked him way more than I liked Dave. The three girls were brilliant too and you could tell instantly that they each had their individual personalities. 
The romance of the book was sweet and really well done, it was the main reason for the girls to want their own independence but it wasn’t the whole point of the book, there was so much more to it than that and I think thats why I enjoyed it even more. I liked that there was the problem of friends outside of the three girls to consider too with the Alison storyline. 
I honestly just keep thinking about more and more that I loved about The Originals and as cheesey as it may sound, the book was just that; original. I absolutely adored it, couldn’t put it down and it has cemented the fact that Cat Patrick is a fantastic author for good. 

The Originals was published on 6th May by Electric Monkey, an Egmont imprint. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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