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The Night Box – Louise Greig & Ashling Lindsay

The-night-box-louise-grreig-ashling-lindsay-egmont-readaraptor“Day is yawning. 
Quiet settles in the trees. 
The birds fold their wings, 
The singing stops.”

When Max turns a magical key and opens the Night Box, darkness swoops out, a fox uncurls and a thousand stars sparkle and shine. The Night comes out to play. 


This book is magical and mystical and perfect for older children who are struggling with night time darkness. This tells them, reminds them, that there isn’t anything to be worried about in the dark. Although it can seem a bit scary and a bit odd. The darkness is wonderful and magical and the foxes, owls and other nighttime animals all think so. And even if it is a little scary, soon the daytime will begin, and its the exact same world in both.

I loved the artwork for this book. I thought it was amazing and so pretty! I think its very artistic and a bit more mature than a lot of picture books I read these days are but I loved the fox and the way he seemed to slink like foxes do. I loved the way the darkness crept over the pages, and the way the animals that come out at night came to life on the pages in front of you.

I loved the story too but it was a little too old for Spike, who got a bit bored and just wanted to shout ‘fox!’ at every opportunity! It would make the perfect bedtime book though as she often enjoys the slower paced stuff at bedtime.

It is slow paced but its to help the magic of night time be breathed in I think. With that in mind I think it would make the perfect book on a colder winters day when the nights coming in a little earlier than expected and you need some magic to hold on to. I think this will be on of the rare books that I keep to press on to Spike as she gets older in the hopes that she sees the beauty of it soon enough!

The Night Box was published by Egmont Children’s Book on June 19th 2017. My copy was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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