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Book Tour: The Midnighters by Hana Tooke Review

Find the courage to be extraordinary…

Ema Vašková has always felt different. In a family of famous scientists, there’s not much room for superstition or omens – but they seem to follow Ema wherever she goes. It doesn’t help that she appears to predict events before they happen, and has a peculiar fear of shadows . . .

When Ema is sent to stay with her eccentric uncle in Prague, she fears she’ll lose the chance to ever fit in. But then she meets Silvie – a girl who finally sees Ema for the extraordinary person that she is. Soon the girls are meeting for secret midnight adventures, and facing Ema’s fears together.

But then disaster strikes. Silvie goes missing – and it’s up to Ema to find her. Now she must gather the courage to hunt the city, find her friend, and uncover the secrets of the one clue Silvie left as to where she might be – inside the mysterious Midnight Guild…


As far as adventure stories go, you wont get much more packed into it than The Midnighters. This middle grade book is something beautiful and although its not a series, I really want there to be more from Ema’s world.

The story follows Ema and her new friend Slyvie as they meet around midnight at a full-ish moon in the city of Prague and I loved the adventures they went on and the confidence it gave Ema. Over the 8 or 9 months they explored, you really saw Ema build herself up and face some of her biggest fears after living in the shadows of her 11 brothers and sisters for all her life. Ema is know by her family as the kid who can appear from nowhere, shocking people as they turn and suddenly she’s there, so being visible is new to her. Sylvia sees her and wants others to as well.

The real mystery and story begins when Sylvia goes missing though and Ema discovers the magic of The Midnight Guild. I absolutely loved the sound of this organisation, but it also terrified me. In my mind I would have loved to explore the midnight guild myself, but I probably would have done a runner the minute I found my way through the door to be honest.

While I loved Sylvie and the relationship that her and Ema formed, this part of the book seemed to drag a little and once Sylvie goes missing, things ramped up a lot. I devoured every page, hungry to find out more about the Guild, it’s people and it’s magic. There was so much to see in every space that Ema found herself, and The Bone Sculpter… well, she sounded incredible.

I love a good detective story and Ema and Sylvie become detectives in this story, even while Sylvie is missing. The outcome of the mystery was brilliant as it unfolded and I got more and more captivated as I discovered more.

I can imagine this is going to be a firm favourite of many tweens who long for a more meaty story with twists and turns, and the magical setting of Prague and The Midnight Guild is going to captivate readers of all ages.

The Midnighters was published on June 23rd by Penguin Childrens Books. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review as part of the book tour. All opinions are my own.

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