The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and other stories – Tim Burton

“One Day in the park
I had quite a surprise
I met a girl
Who had many eyes.”
Tim Burtons collection of short poems and stories brings us into the world of some fantastical “freaks”. With Oyster boy, the boy who was born part oyster, to Match Girl, who gets too close to stick boy and Anchor baby who drags his mum down back to the bottom of the sea after her life of misery on shore.
I love Tim Burton, his movies are in my opinion, some of the best movies ever made, with some of the best imaginative input ever, and so it’s no surprise that this collection of stories makes me giddy every time I think about them! I love the weirdness of the characters, I just can’t help it!
The collection is not very long, with some of the stories being told in two lines! But all the same they are brilliant; you see how people handle things that are different. Oyster boy’s parents even try and dump him somewhere because of how different he is! But that’s nothing compared to what actually happens to him! The collection definitely says something about humanity and people’s reactions.
Death is a theme which runs through a lot of these little stories and obviously I would not recommend you tell many of them to smaller children. As you may know Tim Burton’s movies are often pretty surreal and these stories aren’t much different! I think my favourite is Melonhead; which tells a little story about a boy with a melon for head, over only 6 lines!
The collection is a fun quick read, accompanied by awesome pictures of the strange little characters. I don’t often read poetry but if I do it has to be fun and not full of “other meanings” which are difficult to get. These have got underlying meanings but you can understand them pretty easily! Many of them are about not belonging, or being treated badly if you are different in any way.  If you like Tim Burton’s movies you should have a quick read of these stories, they really are fun, even if they are slightly disturbing! 


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