The Magnolia League – Katie Crouch: review

“Other things that aren’t so great? Georgia summers. Georgia boys. My grandmother’s rules. My entre new freakin’ life in Georiga.
I know I know. I have a bad attitude right now. Reggie would say I’m being a buzzkill. And if I had a buzz to kill, he;d be right. So please, don’t hate me – I mean really, this sour bitter Alex is a new thing.”
Alex Lee grew up on a commune, with her hippy mum and a load of other people who came and went. Her mum dies in a terrible accident when Alex is only 15 and life sucks, but it gets worse when Alex turns 16 and a lawyer turns up and forces Alex to go to Georgia and live with her Grandmother – Miss Lee.
Miss Lee stands for everything Alex hates about Georgia. She is the head of the Magnolia League, a society which takes old fashioned values to an extreme. With the help of Hayes and Madison, Alex is expected to be a Magnolia debutante. But as Alex is being steered into becoming a full blown debutante she realises there are more to them than rich lifestyles and stuck up values.
The Magnolia League was left sitting on my virtual shelf for a few weeks as I had loads of other books to read. So by the time I got round to reading it I had totally forgotten what it was about… and instead of looking at the back like a normal person, I decided to just carry on reading! I love doing this as you get a lot more surprises!
Because of forgetting about the blurb I found myself asking loads of questions. I love going into a book blind because of this and Magnolia league really helped with its fascinating plot. I was totally unaware of what was coming and I really loved the twists in the story. The plot was pretty damn good and really had me gripped! I cant wait for the second one because I have to see what happens.
Unfortunately the characters weren’t as good, don’t get me wrong I liked them but they didn’t have me gripped. I think it’s because I really don’t like the idea of debutantes, whenever I see that kind of thing on American TVS shows I am so glad that I didn’t have to be a part of that! I really thought Alex was going to try and change the order of things so I was a bit upset when she dips in the middle of the story. However, she does come back and kicks up a little fuss so I can live with that!!!
I really was gripped whilst reading this story. I loved that it was like Mean Girls with a twist and the character had some depth to them. I really liked Thad, but I mean I don’t think anyone couldn’t! And Dex was really funny!!! Even Hayes and Madison I grew to like, but not loads… they kinda stand for everything I hate… focussing too much on mney and looks.
I also loved the way that the story was presented. Bits of the story were told from Alex’s perspective, in first person. However it split and went into third person to discuss other characters actions, like Miss Lee, and the other Magnolias. Sometimes third person can distance you but they way it was done really made me drawn closer to Alex. I don’t think I’ve come across many books that change focus in this way but I really did enjoy it as you got more of the bigger picture.
The Magnolia League was a good, quick read and ended on such a cliffhanger that I really want to read the next! I really hope the wonderful perspective carries on through to the next book as it really gave the book more depth! I really would recommend this book if you want some fantasy that’s a little bit different, as it was really quite real-lifey!
The Magnolia Leauge is Katie Crouch’s first Young Adult novel. It was released in the US by Hatchette Book Group on May 3rd. Thank you to the publishers for prviding a copy for honest review via netgalley. 


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