The Look – Sophia Bennett

“’busk: to perform music in the streets and other public places for money.’
That’s the official dictionary definition. I checked it on Dad’s computer before we came out, while I was waiting for Ava to remember where she’d put her flute case. But there was another version underneath:
‘busk it [informal]: to do something as well as you can, without much preparation’
That’s the one we need, my sister and me. We aren’t so much busking as busking it. And I have a feeling it shows.”
Ted and her sister are trying to get a bit extra cash in. Since their father lost his job ad they had to move out of their gorgeous family cottage in Richmond life hasn’t been great. They are ‘busking’ when Ted is spotted by a model scout. Ted thinks he’s crazy, shes tall, freakishly tall and she doesn’t think shes got what it takes… they both think he’s a con man and forget all about him… until Ava is diagnosed with cancer and becomes seriously ill. They find out Model City is a real agency and Ava persuades Ted to go for it… but can Ted be a top star, glamorous supermodel and still be there while her sister is fighting a battle with cancer?

I was a bit weary of this book. I thought I’d like it but I couldn’t see how the shockingly **PINK!**(yes it is that pink…) cover and the two topics addressed could go together. I kinda thought that Ted might be a selfish annoying brat and not even try and help her sister… oh how wrong I was and how amazing this book turned out to be!!
The story was brilliant. Ted wasn’t big on her fashion, celebrities or clothing. She was just Ted, with her wildlife trust tee and hiking shorts (which even I shuddered at, sorry Ted!) Ava was the fashionista and I think that added something big to the story… it felt like Ted was living Ava’s life while she battled with cancer. I really enjoyed getting to grips with the modelling lifestyle but at the same time it was an interesting insight into living with cancer and helping someone close to you deal with a total upheaval in their life. I love the coming of age aspect to the story and how much Ted grows as a person within the few months this book covers. I really wanted to jump into the pages and give her a huge hug when I was reading it.
The characters are what made this book. Some of them are exactly as you’d expect… the bitchy will-stop-at-nothing-to-get-what-I-want agents and photographers in the model world and the nurses in the hospitals are as you’d expect but some surprised you. I ADORED Vince and I wanted to squeeze him and Nick… he was great too, I’d love me a Nick! Ted was a very sweet but sometimes naïve character but she is very relatable I believe and I think teen girls, and boys, will adore her… I found Ted’s classmates interesting but I have to admit I really didn’t like Daisy… I would have given her a stern talking to if I was Ted! Teds family are also brilliant and caused me to laugh out loud. Her mum and Dad were exactly like normal parents, over protective and embarrassing but also lovely and comforting. Then Ava, oh beautiful Ava, you were so strong and yet so silly I loved you like my own sister but I wanted to slap you at times!
I know there will be people who dismiss this book for its cover and its topic even. I’m not the type of girl who picks up overly girly looking books or who wants to read about modelling but I’m so glad I didn’t and I will be recommending this one to everyone!! It’s got a great storyline with brilliant characters and made me realise one or two things about myself even! I think it’s a very relatable book even with topics which hundreds of teens won’t come across in their everyday lives and it’s made me want to read more Sophia Bennett.
The Look was released on March 1st by Chicken House. My copy was kindly sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review, this has in no way affected my opinions.


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