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The Legend of Frog – Guy Bass

“Once upon a tyme there was the KING AND QUEEN OF EVERYTHING. They rooled over all of Kingdomland and lived in a palase and had thrones and crowns and all the polished sandwitches they could eat. 
Their palase looked really speshul and was chock-filled with loyal subjects. Their favourite loyal subject was called Buttercup who was good and clever and wize.”

Prince Frog is convinced he’s destined to rule the world …the trouble is, the world has ended. Undeterred, Frog sets out to claim his crown, armed with nothing more than a pair of Catastrophe Pants and his trusty stick, Basil Rathbone. But Frog soon realizes that the world isn’t quite as ended as he thought. He discovers a magical kingdom, filled with wild landscapes, strange creatures …and a princess sitting on his throne. Together with his new friend, Sheriff Explosion the sheep, Frog seeks to prove his princeliness and escape the clutches of the princess who’s sure he’d make a better pet than a prince. But just when Frog thinks things can’t get any worse, he discovers he is actually the prince of an invading alien army and that he’s just given the go-ahead for an all-out alien invasion. Can he and the princess put aside their differences long enough to save the kingdom – and the world? It’s time for Frog to decide whether to be a prince or a hero?

This was my second Guy Bass book after reading and loving the first Stitch Head book. Guy has such a fresh voice that I would be surprised if any young reader doesn’t love his books, combine this voice with hilarious events and fantastic drawers and you’ve obviously got a winner. 
The Legend of Frog was hilarious from the start. You are brought into the book via Frog himself writing a story about what i obviously his life but dramatised. From there he decides he wants to go on the adventure he was dreaming about and sets off into the apocalypse, yet it hasn’t happened yet and he finds himself questioning life as he knows it, yet not very much, he’s too stubborn to even think he’s wrong! 
The book is littered with illustrations which really brought the characters to life and I honestly think they were perfect companions to the words, for example once I saw Oldasdust’s picture I knew that was what he was meant to look like from the events that had happened already. They were brilliantly done and I know a lot of boys and girls will love them and try and draw the characters too. the characters within the story were brilliant and I was really happen that Guy didn’t she away from death even though its a younger kids book. It was done so well and though it was upsetting, it was still a brilliant part of the book. The other characters like the Princess and Man-Lor not only provided some entertainment because of their comedy value but they proved to be great allies to Frog too.
The book was so good and fresh and I really enjoyed it. I didn’t think it was as great as Stitch Head but there is definite potential there for the rest of the series, which will have 3 books in total I believe, and I would definitely recommend it to any 7 or 8 year old boy or girl. 

The Legend of Frog was published on February 3rd by Stripes Publishing. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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