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The Invisible – Tom Percival

The Invisible is the story of a young girl called Isabel and her family. They don’t have much, but they have what they need to get by. Until one day, there isn’t enough money to pay their rent and bills and they have to leave their home full of happy memories and move to the other side of the city.
It is the story of a girl who goes on to make one of the hardest things anyone can ever make…a difference.
And it is the story of those who are overlooked in our society – who are made to feel invisible – and why everyone has a place here. We all belong.

It’s not often that a book makes Spike left lost for words. She usually talks through every book and gets annoyed that I turn the page too quickly to really look at the pictures. But throughout The Invisible she was silent. I could tell it was because she was really thinking about the issues in the book too. About why Isabel went invisible and the things that helped the other invisible people come ‘bright’ again.

It prompted questions I don’t think she’s asked before about people and community. She wanted to go back and talk to me about how Isabel helped. And about how Isabel got her parents involved too. I loved the way it made her mind come to life, even if it was at bedtime os slightly inconvenient!

I’ve loved every Tom Percival book we’ve read before and expected to love this one too. It did not disappoint and I think its my favourite so far. Its the sweetest story about a girl who notices all people, and chooses to try and help them, making such a difference to them and the people in her new community. It reminds the reader that sometimes change feels bad but it can turn into something good and that the only thing you need is the very basics of life.

It also has the most beautiful artwork. What impressed me the most was that the artwork was so diverse too, with people of colour and people of all shapes, sizes and abilities in the images. I would always recommend this book and its author to anyone looking for the perfect picture books for 4 or 5 year olds. Especially the way it deals with the topics that it covers.

The Invisible was published today, Thursday 4th February by Simon and Schuster. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

For more info and to buy the book, please visit:
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