The Intern – Dillon Khan

“’Single to Notting Hill’ I said hurriedly, no time to buy a weekly or monthly pass. I looked at my watch, compared it to my phone, then the clock above the turnstiles and, out of the corner of my eye, quadruple-checked the watch of the cute girl waiting behind me in line.”
Jay has done it – he’s landed a much-admired internship at top music channel The Beat. After months of slogging over unpaid work experience and a part time job at a boring shoe shop he’s finally on his way up. He’s filming the stars, getting VIP access to all the top clubs and meeting gorgeous women. But life at The Beat is not all he thought it would be – long hours, hard work and no time for himself, his job takes priority over his family and his girlfriend. But its only for 6 months and is his stepping stone to big things so it’s worth it; isn’t it?

The Intern was a great – yet scary – portrayal of just what one person will go through for their dream job. It was a great story and one that I will read again and again
Jay was motivated to get where he wanted to be, the internship was exactly what he needed to get there but the work he has to put in is epic. From 6am starts to 4am finishes Jay barely gets any sleep or any time to himself. The story sees him going through hell at work, losing touch with his “real” life, arguing with friends, battling with his mother and his own conscious. The story isn’t just about making it for Jay, it’s about his emotional journey, finding himself and realising that he needs to grow to be stronger.
Whilst I really liked the characters in this book and they had enough about them to grab me I didn’t think they were the best part of the story. The other interns are a great set of friends for Jay but I would have liked to get more of an idea of them. There were snippets of their personalities, like Sam and Cara but the others needed to be a bit stronger.  Saying this though I did really enjoy hanging out with them. Max was a bit of a prat but you could sense why and the other boy, Hugh and Oli and Stuey were the typical middle management folks but with a laugh about them because of the industry they worked in. The senior management had the air of mystery about them that most senior management do and the nicknames that the lower level workers had given them were brilliant. Sophia was an interesting character and I really liked her but I thought things could have been handled by her, and Jay, better. Pritz was another good character but needed to be more developed again. I loved the relationship between Pritz and Jay and thought it was very realistic for guys of this age. Jay himself was troubled, because of his ambition, his drive to be noticed, he really did come across as a bit obnoxious at times and a bit big-headed. However, unlike Max for example, he wasn’t a prick with it, his obnoxiousness came out as more naïve than anything else as he didn’t realise that what he wanted and what was important to him was different to what other people valued.
The book is being labelled as a teen book and I think that’s the only place where its going wrong. This book is not teen – in that I would think twice before lending it out to a 16 year old. I think the perfect age range for this is 18-25… maybe even 30. Life is one big party in The Intern, but you soon realise that it’s a shit party. Jay attends club nights and after parties and interviews the stars but there’s a hell of a lot of sex, drugs and debauchery in this book and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with a 15 year old reading parts of it, especially when Jays job takes him to Ibiza… I understand why its been marketed as a teen book but I’m still not overly convinced about it. 
The biggest plus point of this book was the writing. I think it was really well written and I had to remind myself that I wasn’t reading a David Nicholls book. Seriously, if The Understudy and Starter For Ten had babies that averaged out their ages and the year they were set in… it would be The Intern. I think If you have read any of those books, and/or One Day you will love The Intern… I know I did!
The Intern is due for release today, April 5th and is published by Penguin. My copy was received in exchange for an honest review; which is what I have given.


  • Jules

    I’m reading this at the moment, but I am struggling a bit with it. It’s maybe more to do with the fact that I’m trying to read too many review books all at once at the moment.

    I might just step away from it for a while because I’ve read a few really glowing reviews about The Intern and I don’t want my mood to sway me into not enjoying it.

    Great review as always 😀

  • Cicely

    I really want to read this, but taking your review into account I might wait a while (like, until I’m 16) to read this 🙂 Thanks for the review!

  • Jade

    I’ve just published my review and I linked to yours because I had the completely opposite opinion, mainly because it was marketed to me as a YA title and wasn’t that at all, I didn’t really like the book and the content.

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