The Incredibly Nosy Cat Flap Pony
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The Incredibly Nosey Cat Flap Pony – Libby Lake & Nick Roberts

A book with incredible storyline, the Incredibly Nosey Cat Flap Pony was unlike anything me and Spike had read before. With illustrations on every page bringing the story to life, this book rhymes and rhythms its way to finding a solution to a teeny weeny flying pony finding its way into the narrators house. 

Spike thought this book was hilarious and thats the main thing I look for. Anything that keeps her interest and makes her laugh is a winner for me. 

The Incredibly Nosy Cat Flap Pony followed the story of a teeny tiny pony flying though the cat flap and wanting to explore the narrators whole house. 

Spike reading The Incredibly Nosy Cat Flap Pony By Libby Lake

We never learn the narrators name I don’t think, but her house is full of brilliant things for the pony to explore and she tries to tame it with a little stable made from her craft things. When that doesn’t work her mum steps in, but the solution her mum finds makes the pony sad. 

That’s ok though, because her dad has a fantastic solution for a nosey pony and a job for it is found by the end. 

The way the book is written makes it fast paced and funny. There was a flow to it that made the whole thing really visual and of course the illustrations helped. They were so colourful and Spike loved spotting things in the story that were mentioned as I was reading.

It’s a great book to enjoy a little bit of light reading too and while in some places the rhyming didn’t work for the way I saw things (Northerner accent i think!) we still enjoyed it.

The Incredibly Nosy cat Flap Pony was published on 28th November by Clink Street Publishing.  You can find out more at Goodreads and Amazon

Disclaimer: My copy of The Incredibly Nosy Cat Flap Pony was sent to me in exchange for an honest review as part of the books blog tour. The next stop on the tour will be at Dash Fan Book Reviews tomorrow

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