The Immortal Rules – Julie Kagawa

“They hung the Unregistereds in the old warehouse district; it was a public execution, so everyone went to see.
I stood at the back, a nameless face in the crowd, too close to the gallows for comfort but unable to look away. There were there of them this time, two boys and a girl. The oldest was about my age, seventeen and skinny, with huge frightened eyes and greasy dark hair that hung to his shoulders.”
Allie lives it a world where Vampires rule. They own the cities and have humans give blood up in return for food, they are treated like cattle. Thats only the Registereds though, and she isn’t one of those… She had to scavenge for food. Her and her friends lived in an old school, only looking out for themselves. Until one night when Allie leads her friends out of the city, into the ruins to grab a stash of food she’d found earlier, on the way back she and her friends are attacked by the rabids, her friends die and she is left with a terrible decision to make, die or become one of the things she hates the most. 

I don’t do vampire stories, not since the terror that was Twilight. I had sworn myself off them, only letting one or two through my grasps in the search for recent vampire stories with the excitement, fear and pace of an Anne Rise novel. Which is why I take great pleasure in saying that I think I have found it! The Immortal Rules was amazing and everything I want in a vampire story.
The vampires are terrifying. Allie swears that she wont become like them but even she has no choice as to what the beast inside her chooses. I loved her internal battle and everything she went through to make herself stronger. I loved that the world world was so clearly explained; a disease had come and threatened society, created the rabids and made it so people had to hole themselves up in cities with huge walls to keep out the rabids. The whole story of The Immortal Rules was exciting and very well developed.
I loved the character we meet on Allies journey. Kanin was the first that I warmed to, even though he is not entirely likable. I hated Stick from the minute I saw him, he’s meant to be Allie’s friend and he just acts like such a sap, I wanted to slap him so much. I don’t want to say too much about the characters because some of them don’t come around til later on but what I can say is that they were all very well developed and very realistic, as far as vampires can go at least! I hated a few but that was the point and it takes a great deal of good writing to encourage the hatred that rose up inside of me for a couple of the characters.
I loved the setting of this book, Allie moves around a lot and the world was built up so much that I loved finding my way around it. I loved that it was set in a future America but kept the names so I liked finding my way around it. I could picture Old Chicago amazingly and still wanted to visit it, even in its dilapidated state! 
There is very little to fault with this book, the excitement was enough to make me want to keep turning and turning those pages and I loved every second of the action. There were a few parts where I thought things were over-described a little bit so maybe thats one thing to fault but other than that it was an amazing story! It made me wish I enjoyed Fey stories more so I could check out Kagawa’s other titles! 
The Immortal Rules was published on April 24th by Mira Ink. My copy was sent to me in exchange of an honest review from the publisher.


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