The Ice Age – Kirsten Reed

“There were those teeth. Those little vampire teeth, glinting sharply as he stared at the road in front of us in a vacant daze. We drove past all the gaudy painted signs telling us where the next doughnut shop was, the nearest hamburger joint; pizza, now doughnuts again.”

She’s strong, young and carefree. He’s old enough to be her father. They are traveling together after he picks her up from the side of the road. As the two of them make their way across the country they form a friendship that could be construed as wrong from outside eyes. Going from place to place they both appear to me learning vital lessons about themselves.

The Ice Age was a really interesting read but my thoughts are very mixed and I’m not entirely sure if I really enjoyed it or it not.
The story was really cleaver and very intriguing. I was gripped and wanted to know where it was going from the very start. It wasn’t the most action packed of stories but it really brought to light the need for a sense of belonging for the main character. I really liked the hippy style of Gunther and all his friends they met on the way too, although some of them were a lot nicer than others. The story didn’t really go anywhere but there were events along the way that took the characters places and that was the most interesting thing to read about.
Something grabbed me to keep me reading but I didn’t get on with the main character at all. I thought that she was very naïve and selfish a lot of the time. I didn’t understand her reasons for travelling the way she was and I didn’t like that her background was never explained. I like a bit more depth to my characters and she was far too fancy free and in love with Gunther for my liking. She seemed to be enamoured by him and no one else mattered at all. We don’t find out her name at all in the book and we only find out her age half way through the book. Before we found that I honestly thought she was about 15 because that’s kinda what her personality suggested. I thought the fantasies about Gunther being a vampire were really weird too!  Gunther was a better character and I really liked his attitude, he probably wasn’t a likeable character really but there was something about him that made me like him. He knew that his relationship with the MC was a little wrong but he had problems that he was trying to escape just like she did.
There was a lot of sex, drinking and drugs in this book and there’s one scene which is really quite shocking. This definitely isn’t a book for younger readers and I wouldn’t recommend it for the younger teen market. I didn’t like how the shocking part was handled but in a way it was probably very realistic and I did feel for the MC after that.
One of the things I did really like about this was the writing style. The Main Characters voice was very unique and whilst I didn’t connect with her I think her voice was what grabbed me the most. I thought she had an interesting view of the world, even if it was very naïve.
My thoughts are mixed on this one and I think it will take a while for me to take this book in fully. It’s one that I’m definitely going to re-read because I think it will benefit from it but I do think there are a lot of people who will enjoy this coming of age story.
The Ice Age was published in August 2011 by Picador. My copy was kindly gifted to me from the lovely Susan Mann, thank you Susan.


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