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Book Review

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

So years ago I read the first Hunger Games book. The hype was huge and everyone was talking about it. The film was about to come out and I had high expectations… They weren’t realised.

While I liked the book, I didn’t love it. So much so that I felt no inclination to continue the series straight away. The more time that went the less I felt the need to read them. I just wasn’t interested and although everyone was shocked at the fact that someone who considered themselves a book blogger, once upon a time, hadn’t read the books – I couldn’t bring myself to pick them up.

When lockdown started I knew I’d have more reading time and I thought it was a good chance to read the series in its entirety. I often don’t finish series’ then I forget what happened in the first but don’t feel like I have the time for a re-read.

I read the first book in a few days. I enjoyed it more without all the hype surrounding it. Katniss bugged me a little, but I enjoyed the other characters and the societal commentary a lot more. The second was even better,

The books were quick reads but made me mad in places so I had to stop reading. The secondary characters were favourites rather than the main characters. And I cried. Quite a bit. Some of the relationships were so interesting within the books and whilst I’m not sure I loved the ending, if felt right. My favourite character was Cinna, closely followed by Haymitch – although I can understand why people wouldn’t like him. Then Finnick. I think to be honest, the male characters in this series were more interesting than the female ones. Though the Tiger Lady and President Coin made lasting impressions. Coin was the most frustrating character I’ve come across in a book for a long time because I honestly never knew whether to trust her or not. But I think that’s her whole point.

This isn’t really a review but a bit of a ramble about my feelings on the Hunger Games Series after putting it off for so long. There were bits I loved and bits I didn’t particularly love. The story is brutal and in places gory as hell. Then there are bits that just didn’t feel like they fit in and characters that didn’t appear to be part of that world – thought they were. I’m not sure I liked much of Peeta in the 3rd book and Gale’s and Katniss’s relationship just wound me up. But I am glad I finally got round to reading it. And I would recommend anyone who hasn’t to give it a go.

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