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The Honest Truth – Dan Gemeinhart

“The mountain was calling me. I had to run away. I had to. 

And I didn’t need anyone to go with me. 

I tightened the straps on my backpack and held the front screen door open with my foot. ‘Come on Beau!’ I called, and my voice didn’t shake one bit. It was strong. Like me.”

Mark had cancer. Now its back. He wants to stick around, play with his best mate Jessie, run with his dog Beau, but he can’t. He has had enough of hospitals, and treatments, and he wants out. So he does the one thing he can think of doing and runs away from it all. He runs to the one place he always wanted to go – Mount Rainier, even though theres a storm coming and climbing that mountain may be the last thing he does. 


I was expecting a lot from The Honest Truth and its safe to say it delivered. I was sucked in right from the start and devoured the book in two sittings, and its safe to say I was left with many different feels, most of them good!

The thing that stood out the most with this book is the way it was told. It was told with chapters and half chapters, the first with Mark tellings his story and the rest with Jessie talking about her experiences of Mark running away, and trying to work out whether to tell Marks parents about where she thinks he is. This was made even better with the conclusion of the book, but I don’t want to ruin anything for anyone.

There were other things that I really loved and one of them was the sheer reality of Mark as a character. He was young and quite immature but he was only twelve and lets face it, if I thought I was dying at 12 I think I would have been the same! I loved his journey too because he did change and his character did grow so well through his journey.

The book was such a pleasure to read for me because I just rooted for Mark the whole way through. I wanted him to at least get to the mountain because I wanted him to tick it off his bucket list. Even if he got to the bottom and turned around I would have been happy! It was also very sad through because of what was going on with Mark.

I don’t want to go into much because the book isn’t very long, but I really enjoyed it, I think it was the perfect book for my mood at the time of reading and I would highly recommend it to many readers.

The Honest Truth was published on March 5th by Chicken House Books. My copy was sent in exchange for an honest review.
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