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The Hidden Princess – Katy Moran

“‘So are you coming tomorrow night, Amy? You could bring Mika in the pram.’ I knew it was a stupid thing to say the second I opened my mouth. Even wrapped in the enormous patchwork blanket I’d spent three months knitting, Mike was still smaller than the Creed family’s ancient and bad-tempered calico cat. There was no way Amy was going to bring her newborn baby to a party in the woods.”

Lissy Harker has been trapped in the Hidden halls for six long years. Her father, the Swan King keeping her captive but alive as she is the only one who can open the gateway to the mortal world. At least for now. The gateway is the only means of freedom for The Hidden but the Swan King wants to wreak havoc on the mortals so Lissy must keep it shut at all costs. In the mortal world Connie, Lissy’s sister, is seeing visions in her dreams. She has been told her sister is dead but isn’t sure what to believe. When it becomes apparent that Connie is getting closer to the truth the real worries begin for Lissy and she doesn’t know how much longer the Hidden will remain trapped. 

This is the second book of the Hidden Among Us series by Katy Moran and for a series which surprised me from the start I’m happy to say its a define must read. 
The story takes place six years after the event of the first book. Connie is angry and confused and still not over what she was told was Lissy’s death. In actual fact Lissy is a prisoner in the Halls of the Hidden and is trying to stop her father from unleashing a fatal plague which will wipe out all the mortals. There’s almost 100 pages of run up to the proper adventure in this book which was a bit slower but it was good to catch up on everything that happened in the earlier book and it does that brilliantly. Subtle hints and reminders of the previous events were what kept me interested because it has been a while since hidden Among Us and they helped emerge me into the world again. 
Once those reminders and back story stuff had moved on the real fun began and I loved it. There was a lot of on the edge of your seat moments and one particularly harrowing scene which was written perfectly. Its an awful thing to write about but Katy Moran did a brilliant job of expressing the emotions that the character it involved was experiencing. I can’t say any more for fear of spoilers but that scene will stay with me, no matter how awful the thing it involved was, because of the brilliant writing. 
The writing really is brilliant throughout though, not just in that scene. There are at least five points of view expressed throughout The Hidden Princess and they swap around all the time, you don’t get a linear viewpoint. So it will go from Connie to Lissy to Larkspur, back to Connie then on to Joe, back and then to Nicolas. This apparently haphazard point of view system worked so well for the story because it gave you a complete idea of what all the characters were experiencing and their feelings at that moment. It could have easily got confusing if the story wasn’t written so well and I’m happy to say that because of their voices I always knew exactly which character each chapter was meant to be, without looking at the heading. 
I loved this book and its predecessor, which is so strange for me. I usually really dislike Young Adult fae stories but this is brilliant. The fae are messed up and far from perfect, they are also far from evil, for the most part and are really interesting to read about. There are elements of a love story but its by far the focus of the overall story and I think that is what gripped me the most due to its brilliance, without going down the same root a lot of other YA fae books I have experienced do. 
The Hidden Princess was published on June 5th by Walker books. My copy was sent from the publisher for an honest review. 

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