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The Guilty Feminist – Deborah Frances-White

It makes me sad that the majority of people won’t read this book because they think it’s ‘just about feminism’ or that feminism ‘isn’t on their agenda’. This book is not about feminism, it’s about privilege and using any level of privilege you have to help those without. Regardless of whether that privilege is to do with gender, skin colour, sexuality or ability. 

I have listened to the early ‘The Guilty Feminist‘ Podcasts and loved them which is why my partner bought my this book for Christmas. He thought it would make a great gift, and it did. Not only did it entertain, but it taught me so much about feminism and about helping to create a more equal society. 

Deborah Frances-White is an ally, she is fighting for equality for women as a white women who grew up within a patriarchal cult. And she is standing alongside other women who are fighting for their own rights. Within the book she interviews all kids of women, including women of colour, disabled women and trans women about their fight, and asks the question; “What can I, as a white woman, do to help?” 

The book opened my eyes to a lot. How to be more inclusive – which I already thought I was but I knew I could always do more. And how different levels of privilege help different people. I loved learning more from Deborah and the women she interviewed. 

There were comments on the election of Trump, Brexit and different polictical campaigns that are underway. There were comments on how not everyone is perfect – but the key is recognising when someone tells you you are wrong, not as knowledgable as you believe, and what to do in that situation. And there were comments about change, how to understand when your point of view may need adapting. And I love that Deborah clearly understands that she’s not always going to understand things and needs to seek advice from those around her to be the best kind of ally. 

There is literally only one thing that I didn’t like in the book and that was the use of ‘woke’. As African-American vernacular English, the term, I believe, shouldn’t be used by someone who is not of colour… yet it is used repeatedly in one of the interviews which felt so out of place within the book. 

I absolutely loved this book through and will be recommending it to so many people. Hopefully they will pick it up and it will encourage so many people to think, learn and build on. 

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