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The Great Aaa-Ooo! – Jonny Lambert

the-great-aaa-ooo-jonny-lambert-book-review-readaraptorAs moose wanders through the deep dark wood, he hears a sound. A great big aaa-ooo, what could it be? Its not Owl, its not Bear, its not Goose. All the animals stick together as we all know there’s safety in numbers. But as the Aaa-Ooo gets louder who knows what will happen next?!


This is quite possibly one of the cutest books I’ve read for a while and it was fun to read to Spike because you can really play on the sounds associated with each page.

I loved the message it put across too with the idea that you shouldn’t be too scared of the unknown because sometimes its not actually that unknown… and that you shouldn’t just follow the trends, because sometimes they need to be questioned and looked at in a different way

I thought it was really cute that the animal causing the Aaa-Ooo didn’t realise they were the cause of it, and I loved making the sounds. I think its a book that me and Spike are really going to enjoy reading together as the years go on – especially as I’m fairly sure she’ll want to join in with the sounds soon! – and I definitely would recommend it

The Great Aaa-ooo! was published in September by Little Tiger Press. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

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