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The Graveyard Book – Neil Gaiman

I got this book a few weeks or so ago but due to my rereading of Harry Potter I didn’t get chance to read it until this weekend. I finished the Potter series and didn’t know what to pick up next but as my love of Neil Gaiman is one that I believe will never falter I decided on The Graveyard Book.
The story follows a little boy called Bod, or Nobody Owens, through his life living in a graveyard from a baby til he’s ‘grown’. His family are the ghosts that have inhabited the graveyard since their bodies were buried there centuries before. Bod knows that life outside the graveyard is dangerous for him so sticks to the graveyard except for a few outings later on the his life. He makes friends and has fun and adventures until his past comes back to him. 
The story has all the imagination that you want from a book that’s aimed at all ages. Though perhaps a little scary for younger readers! I love it when you can read a book and be fascinated by the different worlds that are collected together without many people even noticing. The living, the dead and even the undead come together in this story and the imagination behind it is incredible! 
The adventures Bod has push your imagination to the limit when you start to think about the people and things he encounters look like and the way they act. His life is a crazy adventure in itself because of The man Jack who killed Bods real family when he was only a baby. The way that Gaiman writes aids the imagination so well in that his words flow so well with the action. Gaimans writing also makes it possible to be met with frighting characters whilst not being scared but at the same time in full suspense of what is going to come next as it could be a terrifying situation.
I didn’t know what to expect from the book at first. I knew it was more or less aimed at younger readers but as with Coraline I guessed that the age of reader doesnt matter as much as the imagination that the reader has. I think to fully enjoy the story of The Graveyard book you have to let your imagination run free and let the story take you into as many graves and dark places as it wants. 
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