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Book Review

The Forest of Ghosts and Bones – Lisa Lueddecke

The Eve of Saints approaches and the poison rain which shrouds Castle Marcosza strains at its boundaries. When Beata’s brother is taken by the rain, Beata and her friend Benedek must make a perilous journey of discovery to uncover the root of her secret – why she is the only person who can walk through the rain unscathed. But Beata is soon caught up in a game of cat-and-mouse with mysterious Liljana, a girl with hidden powers of her own.

And with magic outlawed in Marcosza, can the pair find a way to work together to harness their forbidden ability and unleash its full potential? Or will they find themselves seduced by power and all that it offers…

This story follows two girls, Beata and Liljana as they uncover truths about themselves and the world they live it. It is fast paced and wonderful and I loved every minute.
The story is full of mystery and for a long time you are left wondering when the two girls will inevitably meet. So long in fact I was wondering if it would happen at all. There also isn’t any connection between them for quite some time in the book and that left me intrigued too. The two are so different, but yet both very relatable and I loved finding out more about them as the book went on.
The characters were interesting but the storyline as a whole is what had me hooked. The magical setting and the mystery behind the castle that’s on Beata’s doorstep all her life had me desperate to know more. I wanted to know who created the rains that surrounded it and why. Thankfully I got answers to all my questions as the book came to a conclusion and I was more than happy with the outcome.
I think that as more of the storyline developed a couple of points became a little too obvious before the reveal, and everything definitely went the way I expected it too. This is not a book thats going to shock you or throw any curveballs your way. If you love a good bit of magic and find the whole idea of souls fascinating though it is definitely for you.

The Forest of Ghosts and Bones was published by Scholastic in October 2020. My copy was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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