The Folk Keeper – Franny Billingsley

“February 2 – Candlemas
It is a day of yellow fog, and the Folk are hungry. They ate the lamb I bought them, picking the bones clean and leaving them outside the Folk Door. 
The lamb was meant for Matrons Sunday supper. She’ll know I took it, but she will not dare day anything. She can keep her tapestries and silks and Sunday dinners. Here in the Cellar, I control the Folk. Here, I’m Queen of the world.” 

Having spent the past four years disguised as a boy, Corrina Stonewall looks nothing like the 16 year old girl she should. Small, pale and thin she could easily be mistaken as a nothing more than a 12 year old orphan boy. But she is much more than that, as the Rhysbridge folk keeper she is one of the most important people in the community. Destined to live amongst the “folk2 in the cellar of Rhysbridges’ orphanage Corrina has her life set out as boy, never even thinking about leaving the cellar or Rhysbridge. But then Lord Merton shows up and offers Corrina a place on his estate, as the Folk Keeper but also a member of the household. There Corrina will learn more about hereself than she could have ever known in Rhysbridge.


Wow. I mean, seriously. I picked this book up on a lazy Sunday morning, I thought at 164 pages it would take me around two hours and it will probably be a quick and easy read. I was wrong. So very wrong. While its a brilliant read its not just a throw-away read. Its complex and magical and you find out so much about the characters.

I was terrified of the sound of the Folk. They sounded terrifying right from the beginning but when you finally get a description… seriously, scary stuff!! I loved a good fairytale and the traditional fairy tales were meant to make you scared, this is a great modern fairytale and definitely up there on the scary/weird factor.

The characters were very well developed. Corrina was an interesting character. She has a very unique voice and this is what made the story more complex than I believed it to be. Don’t be put off by this though as she is an amazing character and I assure you, her expression makes you need to read on! I honestly couldn’t put the book down and got annoyed whenever I got interrupted because I needed to carry on.
And Finian, well, he’s awesome. I loved him right from the very first meeting. He reminded me of a big bushy bear and I wanted him to get his dreams. If theres a character I would love to have as a friend in real life its definitely Finian!

The story is very interesting. As I said its a fairytale, with twists and turns and fascinating outcomes. I loved the story so much, it gets very strange in places and makes you question what is going on but at the same time thats goo,d for me at least because I love to guess whats coming next! I loved that there were many places where you thought the end is nigh then all of a sudden something else would happen.

As I say, The Folk Keeper is a facinating read, but very complex and highly developed. I was expecting a quick read so I was a bit shocked but I wasnt disappointed at all. I have Chime by the same author on my TBR shelf and I know can’t wait to get to that because I think the storytelling is amazing. This is a definite must read for anyone who loves a good fairy tale!

My edition of The Folk Keeper was published in April 2011 by Bloomsbury. Thank you to the publisher for sending me this in exchange for an honest review. 


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