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The First Slodge – Jeanne Willis & Jenni Desmond

The First Slodge by Jeanne Willis and Jenni DesomndOnce upon a slime, there was a Slodge. The first Slodge in the universe. She saw the first moon and stars, the first fruits and flowers. Mine, all mine! she said. But when she meets another Slodge, she might have to learn to share after all….

This is a new one for me because I have never really reviewed picture books of this age. However with a little one on the way I believe there will be many, many more picture books in my life and I want to include them on the blog – so sorry but you’ll be seeing more of this kind of review!

The First Slodge was the first book I read to my daughter, before she was even around. I’m not sure if she liked it but I really did. Its about happiness, selfishness, and how sometimes you just have to learn to get along with others – whether you like it or not.

I loved the way it was written, always referring to ‘The First Slodge’ rather than naming the character, and I loved the way it introduces the ‘Second Slodge.’ It is basic but lovely and it really does get across the idea of being more accepting.

The First Slodge by Jeanne Willis and Jenni DesomndAll picture books obviously contain pictures to help them tell their story and I loved the art used in The First Slodge. The little addition on the page just before we meet the Second Slodge, and the happiness showing on both Slodges’ faces before the very last page were definitely my favourite bits and I really think they’ll be loved by kids everywhere. The pictures were bright and kept quite minimal but I loved that about it and its definitely one of the best looking books I’ve got for my baby so far!

The First Slodge will be published on April 6th by Little Tiger Press. My copy was sent to me by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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