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The End of the World as we Known It – Iva-Marie Palmer

“Have you ever had one of those life-changing days? ‘Oh, definitely,’ you say.
You’re thinking: The night you got to second base; your first sip of Natty Light in that musty corner of your next-door neighbour’s basement; that time at Taco Bell they gave you a chalupa instead of a gordita and you had a revelation about the menu that felt wise and universal – Its. All. The. Same. Shit. 
Well not to burst your burrito or anything, but you haven’t had a life-changing day. Not really.”

When Sarabeth, Leo and Evan get locked in the basement of the school queen bee’s mansion they think things cant get much worse, then they do. Teena, who accidently locked herself in too, thought a practical joke would serve them right but she didn’t realise the four of them would emerge to a town ravaged by purple aliens covered in goo and their friends all either dead or missing. They now have to put aside their differences, find out where everyone else has gone and save the world, one sparkly glitter stick at a time. 


Ok so with the title of an REM song, The End of the World as we Know it triggered all kinds of feelings as soon as I heard about it. Now I’ve read it I can confirm that it is mind bogglingly awesome, and whilst I never expected a story about kicking alien butt to contain quite as much sexual tension, it works!

The story is pretty average to start off, I liked that it focussed on one character at a time and they all intertwined without knowing it, but none of them really stood out right at the start. I was left after the first few chapters thinking, ‘how does this possibly work?’ but then 50 pages in, once they were being led down to Teena’s basement I understood that it really could. This strange breakfast club-esque group could definitely make me like each of them in turn and root for them against anything. Anything turns out to be some of the funniest alien encounters I have come across and I can definitely say the story gripped me once the aliens are first sighted.

There’s a lot of flirting and the outcome of the book is a bit predictable but I really liked it all the same. Those into kick ass alien stories will enjoy that aspect whilst those looking for a decent relationship in their read will also be appeased.

As mentioned the chapters are split to focus on each of the characters, this isn’t done in any particular order and in fact one or two of them will disappear from focus for a while. I liked that this allowed you to get into the characters mind set, even with the distancing from Iva-Marie Palmer’s use of third person. I thought that the time and place setting on each of the chapters worked really well too and adored the narrator direct reader speech interspersed in the text, like the above quote.

I don’t think I’ve had as much fun reading a book for quite some time and one of the best things about this was the way it read like a film script. I could definitely see it coming to a cinema screen at some point and it would be fantastic – well worth a watch! Even if it doesnt hit the big screen, or the little one for that matter, I definitely think its worth a read and you’d be mad to miss this one out.

The End of the World as We Know It was published on March 6th by Hot Key Books. My copy was sent to me from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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