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The Dudgeon is Coming – Lynley Dodd

the-dudgeon-is-coming-lnley-dodd-book-review-readaraptorThe Dudgeon is coming…. quick, be prepared, for the Dudgeon is coming tonight… he’s frightening and scary, and will gobble you up right on sight. But will he? Are you sure, did you listen right? Is the Dudgeon so scary that you’ve got to put up a fight?


A fantastic rhyming book that will remind any reader of the dangers of chinese whispers, this book was a pleasure to read and provided a great rhythm for Spike to fall asleep to at bedtime.

The Dudgeon is Coming felt a bit classical in its rhyme and its characters. Both reminded me of Lewis Carroll’s world where Alice meets the Jabberwocky and the Queen of Hearts and I must say some of the creatures in this book are just as fantastical as those. When I first read it (and I’ve read it a few times since as I really enjoyed it) I thought that it might be quite an old story but it would appear its not, it just echoes them!

The art in the book is just fantastic and I believe the author was illustrator as well as storyteller and I think that brings the characters more to life if possible. They are fantastical but the illustrations are quite subtle so you don’t realise until you really look just how fantastical they are. There’s always something more to look at each time you revisit the book and I adored that.

The author, it would seem, is really well known for a series of picture books I’ve never heard of before but I will definitely be trying to get hold of for Spike as I loved this one so much… if you see if pick it up guys!

The Dudgeon is Coming was published in 2009 by Penguin. My copy was borrowed from my local library.

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