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The Dreamsnatcher – Abi Elphinstone

“There are footprints in the snow, sudden marks picked out by the moonlight. They weave a path through the forest, round the ring of ancient oak trees and on towards the wooden hut. But there they stop, and the smoke curling out of the chimney is the only sign that anyone is inside. 

Seven cloaked figures sit round a table, their hoods pulled up despite the fire crackling in the grate. At first, they whisper together, their voices low and guarded. And then the whispers fade, heads drop and lips curl back.” 

Moll has been a member of Oak’s camp for as long as she can remember. Having no parents she sees him and his wife Mushie as her parents. Thats why its hard for her to see the things Skull’s camp is doing to them. Stealing and breaking through their boundaries, it has gone too far. Especially now Skull has taken Moll’s Cob – Jinx. When Moll wakes and finds herself outside Oak’s camp she sees it as a sign that she should go and take Jinx back, but its actually a sign of something else, of something to come, and Moll doesn’t know that she’s going to be right smack in the middle of it all. 


This was such an incredible adventure, taking me back to my childhood and a time when things were so simple in life I needed to fill them with stories that made me sit on the edge of my seat and hope like mad the main character was going to be ok.

The Dreamsnatcher storyline was brilliant. Moll is caught up in a major dark magic scene older than she is and she is unaware until one night when she sneaks into a rival camp to steal back her horse. From then on things get weirder and weirder and I loved every second. It was dark magic at just the right level of scary and I think it will make for an excellent story for the ‘right age’ kid.

The characters were interesting. As the story unraveled you found out more about them all and I really liked the plot with Alfie and how his character developed especially. Gryff was a brilliant character too, especially for one that didn’t talk and I loved how the author managed to get characteristics across through his body language and the like.

Writing wise the book was what you’d expect from a middle grade book but that doesn’t make it bad in any way, shape or form. With words flowing like the magic within the book I was quickly sucked in and taken on Moll’s adventure.

I couldn’t praise this book any more, it was exciting and full of adventure and everything I wanted it to be. I am sure it is the first in a series because of where things ended but its one I will follow closely because the first book was brilliant.

The Dreamsnatcher will be published by Simon and Schuster on February 26th 2015. My copy was sent to me as a gift from the author.
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