The Dead Ways – Christopher Edge

“As the car speed through the busy London streets, its blacked-out windows glinting in the early summer sunshine, Scott knew that something wasn’t right. From the moment the car had pulled up outside his school gates, as uneasy feeling had started to knot in his stomach and right now, as the driver swerved round a right-hand corner and straight through a red light, scattering pedestrians in front of him, the know was being pulled tight.”

Scott’s father is the Chief Secretary at the Department For Transport, the government body who are cleaning up the environment by closing down motorways and returning the land to its natural state. There is no reason for the motorways as fewer people are travelling by car since the opening of the Maglev. Or at least this is what the Department are telling the people; but in reality the motorways are covering ancient lines which flow across the country. These lines are known, by few, as The Dead Ways and if they are uncovered the dead may be able to walk freely across the country. With a little help from DI Jason Dyer and two family friends Scott may just be the one who has to do something about this but with more and more stories of the dead walking make their way onto the headlines will they be able to do something before it’s too late?

Im always intrigued by zombie stories, always. I never know if they are going to be done really well or if I will just laugh at the absurdity of the situation, but in all honesty… Christopher Edge does Zombies so well that instead of laughing I was nearly cowering through this book!!
The story is awesome, the whole government conspiracy thing can always get mne hooked onto a story and this one is done well. Very few people even think there is something up with the “Greening of the Roads” policy because it is covered up so well. It just looks like a great way to help save the environment so I was all for it at the beginning. I loved the uncovering of this as it came out and I couldn’t put the book down! I think it really twists what we know about our country and puts some great little extras into it! I also really enjoyed it because the characters end up travelling down the A66 at one point and you wouldn’t believe how well I know that road… I could picture every little turn they made so clearly!
The characters in this book are amazing. It is all in third person with a lot of focus on Scott and Jason and a bit on their two companions. I was surprised to find that one of the main characters was a grown man even though it’s a YA book but it worked so well! Scott was impressive for his age and his circumstances but also very believable. I would like to think I could do everything he does within the book. I kinda get the feeling he’s a bit of a loner though and I wish I didn’t get that feeling!
Jason is a great character. You can tell there’s a lot to him and he’s been through a lot of adult crap but its kinda all put in a way that kids would understand. Stress at work doesn’t seem so strange to kids when you realise it’s all down to ghostlike zombie creatures appearing on a motorway late at night!! I liked the relationship that built up between the characters and in a way I kinda thought Jason was like a dad figure for Scott.
I was really impressed how lots of other things were mixed into this book and really, for a zombie book, there aren’t all that many zombies! There was one really scary scene but the rest is all the background to the zombies and I really liked that and it made it more realistic. I reckon teens will love the way its all set out and I think I’m gunna pass it on to the stepson, see what he thinks of it! With great writing, an awesome story and really relatable characters I honestly think teens will devour The Dead Ways!
The Dead Ways is Christopher Edge’s latest teen book. It is the first in The Dead Ways trilogy and was published by Catnip Publishing on October 1st. Thank you to the publisher for providing me with a review copy. 

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