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The Dark – Lemony Snicker & Jon Klasson

the-dark-lemony-snicketHave you ever been scared of the dark? Its understandable, Laszlo is too. The dark however is not afraid of anyone, not you and certainly not Laszlo.

The Dark keeps creeping up on Laszlo from its home in the basement. One night it reaches Laszlo in his room, and Laszlo decides to visit its home.

This is the story of how Laszlo came to terms with the dark, and stopped being afraid.


I have wanted to read this book for as long as I’ve known it existed but I honestly keep forgetting to buy it, so when I saw it in the library a few weeks ago I knew I needed to get it out on loan… on the pretence that it was for Spike for bedtime reading.

In my defence I did read it to her for her bedtime reading… but it probably didn’t give her the same feeling it gave me as she missed out on the stunning illustrations that make this book absolutely awesome, instead of just awesome.

Its unusual to find a picture book which is so dark. They are usually really bright and colourful and bold but this stands out from the crowd and obviously fits in so well with Lemony Snickers odd style.

It tells the story of a little boy called Laszlo who is scared of the dark and how he overcomes that fear. I remember being scared of the dark, so much so that even now if I think about it too much I can bring that fear back even though I know theres nothing to fear! This book scared me reading it because of how much I used to be scared of the dark, so I think it will actually be perfect for little ones who have the same fear… it makes the dark more relatable, gives it a personality and brings it to life almost. The dark helps Laszlo and guides him to the place where he can get more light from and allows him to bring light back to his room and thats what is special about The Dark, that it takes something so terrifying to so many kids and makes it seem nice, and friendly, and caring.

The illustrations as I’ve said were brilliant and really brought the book to life, I could feel the darkness encroaching on the space as I saw it happen on the page and it made things seem dark around me, but it becomes ok again when there is light! I think Jon Klasson did a fantastic job with something so basic because he made it deeper with what he drew.

I would definitely recommend reading this to any little one struggling with a fear of the dark, it might just help with those sleepless nights.

The Dark was published in April 2014 by Orchard. My copy was loaned from my local library.
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