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The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex – Various Authors & Julia Patton

the-curious-tale-of-fi-rex-book-review-readaraptorA celebrity game of consequences gets published in this tale of Fi-Rex a girl who is half girl, half dinosaur. Find out what happens as she finds herself in the weirdest of situations all taking place on her brothers birthday. 


I’d seen this book around the supermarkets and bookstores but I wasn’t sure how well it would work so wanted to have a read before I bought it. It was put together in aid of Children in Need by Fat Fox Books but as I really dislike half of the celebrities on the book and what they have done to ‘earn’ the title celebrity, I really wanted sure I wanted to actually read anything by them.

I saw it in the library and thought I’d give it a go; reading it to Spike one celeb part at a time on a night before bed. There were around 15 parts I think so it took a couple of weeks but I definitely enjoyed the overall feel of the book. It was kinda nonsensical which is something I like (Edward Lear is my fave!) so I enjoyed that element of it, but you wouldn’t expect anything less considering!

There were parts of the overall story that felt a little edited, like for example the same characters did appear through the story, even when they’d been named by other authors earlier on and technically the author writing shouldn’t have known that name so there had to have been some editing involved, but I guess it just would have been complete nonsense if there wasn’t any!

I think my favourite thing of the whole book though was the illustration throughout… Julia Patton did a fantastic job of bringing the craziness that the authors included to life and all the pictures were so funky and bright!

Some of the parts surprised me, I loved Ronan Keating’s, Paul McCartney’s and Kate Moss’ parts but I disliked One Direction’s and the Coleen and Wayne Rooney one, it might be due to my predjuctise against the bad and the celebrities though! As far as the story went though it was fun and I think a lot of kids around 7/8 will definitely enjoy it!

The Curious Tale of Fi-Rex was published by Fat Fox Books for Children in Need in October 2015. My copy was borrowed from my local library.

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