The Considine Curse – Gareth P Jones

“The snow seemed so clean and white form the aeroplance
window but underfoot it is grey and slushy. It soaks through the thin material
of my trainers and seeps into my socks. When I grumble about my feet, Mum
claims she told me to wear sensible shoes but I only remember her saying to
wrap up warmly.”
When Mariel finds her mum crying following a telephone
call its clear that her mum hasn’t always been truly honest with her. Her
grandmother has died but into the picture has come five uncles that Mariel
never even knew about. She and her mother travel back to England from Australia
and Mariel meets her six cousins, but they don’t take too kindly to her and
whilst her mum is bonding with brothers Mariel never knew existed, she feel
more alone and scared than she ever has done.

The Considine Curse was a fun, quick, scary read. I
feared for Mariel a few times and although I was scared for her I think it’s a perfect
story for a kid of around 10 or 11 to feast upon.
This is a book that I wouldn’t generally pick up. Im
going to be honest and say that I only read it because I was sent it for review
and the cover reminded me of Coraline by Neil Gaiman. Im glad I did though because
whilst it wasn’t a book I would usually read it was enjoyable and I would
definitely recommend it to younger readers.
I thought the story was fast paced and flowed really well,
there were no issues with following anything that was going on but at the same
time I didn’t get bored, which I think is obviously a factor needed for this
age group as I understand its difficult to get them reading sometimes!!
I love that the individual personalities of the cousins
shine through the book even though they are often kind of referred to as one entity.
I obviously loved Amelia but Elspeth had to be my favourite. She was a right
little ray of sunshine… or not!!
I can’t really go into much detail because I think it
gives away a lot of the story if I do but I kinda figured everything out very
early on… though saying that I didn’t guess what would happen at the end! Wow! But
I think that’s because it was a little younger than I usually read… or maybe it
is obvious from the back of the book anyway… I’m not sure but I was very
impressed by this one though so honestly, if you have a 10/11 year old I reckon
they’ll enjoy this! I’m going to try and get the stepson to give it a go next!!
The Considine Curse was released on August 2nd
by Bloomsbury books. It is the newest in a line of successful books for
children of the MG age range by Gareth P Jones. My copy was kindly sent for
review in exchange for an honest review. 


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