The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook – Jason Heller

He’s the most popular pirate in motion picture history—and now The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook offers his fans an insider’s guide to all the dirty tricks of the buccaneer’s trade! Complete with step-by-step instructions, helpful diagrams, and full-color photography from thePirates of the Caribbean films, this nautical treasure trove arrrrrrrrrrrticulates such vital and colorful information as:
     •  How to Sail a Ship

     •  How to Survive Being Marooned      •  How to Break a Curse      •  How to Fight Six Angry Men in a Tavern      •  How to Recruit a Crew      •  How to Cope with Mermaids      •  And much, much more!

Arriving just in time for Captain Jack’s long-awaited return in the blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, this fiendishly adventurous handbook is essential reading for pirate lovers, Johnny Depp fans, and all-around rogues and rapscallions of all ages. (From Goodreads)

I don’t usually read or review non-fiction titles such as this but I honestly couldn’t resist when I saw it. The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook is a hilarious guide for anyone wishing to be a pirate.
Thie will be a short review as there isn’t much to say. The handbook is written in a highly amusing tone with information on making treasure maps, looting and treating wounds. There really is anything you need to find out about becoming a pirate in this book.
The information is carefully laid out into six chapters; Piracy 101, Maratime Skills, People Skills, Acquiring Booty, Cheating Death and Mysteries of the Deep. There’s also a fun “Piratical Lingo” glossary at the back of the book and lots of colourful illustrations dotted throughout.
I liked how the information was teaching about legends from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and treating these as facts whilst taking you through the stuff that you would need to know about being a pirate. Also how occasionally the narration would cheekily include something about Jack Sparrow, making him out the be the best pirate ever… it was really fun!
The only downside of this book was that it ran a little too long for me. I found a few “tips” were repeated and went into much more detail than needed and I did start getting a bit bored towards the end. Also I didn’t understand some of the references as they linked to the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, On Stranger Tides, and I haven’t seen that movie. I would suggest watching the movie before reading the book!
I would definitely recommend this to anyone with a young girl or boy who is fascinated with pirates or the Pirates of the Caribbean movies; I think it’s a great, fun addition to any kid’s bookshelf!
The Captain Jack Sparrow Handbook was published in the US in May 2011 as a companion to the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Thank you to Quirk for sending me this book in exchange or an honest review.

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