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The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks Blog Tour: About the Book

Today I have Author Kevin Brooks on the blog to tell you all about his new book in the style of his new books. The Bunker Diary seems pretty damn interesting, or it does to me at least. Maybe Kevin can tell us more? though he does seem to be being a little cryptic… maybe we have to read to find out more! 

Monday, 18 February

10.15 p.m.
I’ve been sitting here for a couple of hours now, trying to write something about THE BUNKER DIARY. It’s really hard. I mean, what can I say? What is there to say? It’s a book, a story. It’s the diary of a 16-year-old kid called Linus Weems who’s abducted by an unknown man. This unknown man imprisons Linus (and five other people) in an underground bunker. 
Who is this unknown man? 
God knows.
And why has he abducted and imprisoned six people?
Don’t ask me.
And as for what it’s all about … well, that’s the thing. What is it all about? What’s it for? The book, I mean. The story about this kid. What’s the point of it? Because if you think about it, if you boil it right down to the essentials, it’s the same as every other story that’s ever been told.   
It starts. Stuff happens. It ends.
And that’s it, really.
That’s all there is to it.
Which might sound kind of grim (and maybe it is), but what’s the alternative?
1) It doesn’t start.
2) It starts, but nothing happens.
3) It starts, stuff happens, it never ends.
Not much of a choice, is it?  
No, the only real option you’ve got is the original one – it starts, stuff happens, it ends.  That’s all you’ve got, and all you’re ever going to get. So you might as well make the most of it.
Whatever that means.
If anything. 


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