The Boyfriend List – E Lockhart

“1. Adam (but he doesn’t count.)
2. Finn (but people just thought so.)
3. Hutch (but I’d rather not think about it.)
4. Gideon (but it was just from afar.)
5. Ben (but he didn’t know.)
6. Tommy (but it was impossible.)
7. Chase ( But it was all in his mind.)
8. Sky (but he had someone else.)
9. Michael  (but I so didn’t want to.)
10. Angelo (but it was just one date.)
11. Shiv (but it was just one kiss.)
12. Billy (but he didn’t call.)
13. Jackson (yes, okay, he was my boyfriend. Don’t ask me anymore about it.)
14. Noel (but it was just a rumour.)
15. Cabbie (but I’m undecided.)

Before anyone reading this thinks to call me a slut – or even just imagines I’m incredibly popular – let me point out that this list includes absolutely every single boy I have ever had the slightest little any-kind-of-anything with. “

Ruby Oliver is 15 and life seriously sucks. After a week of panic attacks her parents decide she’s anorexic or losing it and book her in with a shrink. There she spills her life, and how it has revolved around friends who aren’t talking to her anymore and boys… even the ones she’s never even talked to. In-depth discussions about her friends and the boys throughout her life may just reveal the issue at hand but Ruby is sceptical…
Hmm, I’d heard amazing things about this series and its protagonist and I wanted to love it but I don’t know… it definitely messes with your emotions and I had mixed feelings whilst reading this one… but that won’t stop me carrying on the series!
First of all, I think it’s safe to say that this is a very girly, very teen book and whilst I love getting in touch with my inner teen a lot of the time I kinda got very pissed with this book. The story was brilliant and I loved the way little bits of Ruby’s life was revealed in little bits throughout it. But I think it was the characters that I was pissed at.
Ruby is great, I liked her attitude and whilst yes, she did need some perspective on life and herself, she was actually quite well rounded and what girl doesn’t at 15!? I loved her parents and thought they were hilarious but knew they would have driven me INSANE if they were my own and I don’t know how she survived living on that houseboat… wow!
But that’s where the love stopped. Intrigue got me through The Boyfriend List and that intrigue carried me through right til the end. I needed to know what it was about all these boys that Ruby put in the list and when the boys (and Ruby) started getting older, I started getting annoyed.
It wasn’t annoyance at the boys per sae, it was annoyance at the situation and the girls in Ruby’s life. I couldn’t believe what had gone on in Ruby’s life… I mean, you just don’t do that, not to your best friend or any friend!! I cant go into details for fear of spoilers but I can tell you this; friends ex-boyfriends = no go area!
The Boyfriend List may have bugged me, a lot. But I think it bugged me in a good way… you know those books that get you so riled up that you want to shout at the characters? Yeah, The Boyfriend List was one of those books. So whilst I did get annoyed a lot and shout at it a lot, I did really enjoy it and I am dying to know where the series goes next. Though that was another good thing about this book… There wasn’t a drastic cliffhanger ending, even though it’s the first in a series, it could cut there and leave the rest up for you… but I wanna know what happens next now I know it’s a series!!
PS. just have to say, not al the boys were awful, Hutch was nice and Noel… he was AWESOME! I want a Noel! 

The Boyfriend List is the first in the Ruby Oliver series. It was published in 2006 by Corgi, a Random House Children’s Books imprint. My copy was purchased via the Amazon Marketplace.


  • Liz. R

    Tell me about it! Ruby’s so called “friend” is a big fat hypocrite! But I did really love this book. Glad you enjoyed it overall – hope you like the rest of the series too! There’s more Noel <3.

  • Clover

    I think that sort of emotional reaction to the characters in the books is a really good thing, means you connected really well to it. I absolutely ADORE this book and the series!

  • Keris Stainton

    This is one of my fave YA books, but I remember being FURIOUS at Ruby’s friends to the point where I wanted to put the book down because I hated them so much. But at the same time I felt like their behaviour was totally realistic. Ugh. Teen girls… 😉

  • TG

    Yep, I was exactly the same and absolutely hated Ruby’s ‘friends’ to the point where I wanted to jump into the pages and give them all a telling off! But I think it was (unfortunately) realistic, as I’ve seen some very unjust things happen to girls at school. Some even worse than that, actually. I think it was pretty cool that a book that seemed fluffy, could stir up such strong emotions and I thought that was a strength of E. Lockhart and the character, Ruby.

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