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The Blue Beyond – Jeanne Willis and Bethany Christau

Lana dreams of becoming the greatest explorer in the world. She can’t wait to discover what lies beyond the safe haven of her lagoon. But when Lana sets off on her incredible journey, she soon realises that she is one very little fish in the great big ocean…
A joyful celebration of bravery and adventure, with full colour illustrations on every page.

As soon as I saw the blurb for this book I knew it was one I wanted to share with Spike. It’s the cutest story about fish with big dreams, and helps show that everyone should act on their dreams.

We’re huge fans of Jeanne Willis so knew that her story would be a great one and it didn’t disappoint. Lana and her friends are lovely and the friendship found in the book is just the right message for this age group.

But combined with illustrations by Bethany Christau this book is perfection. The style of illustration is so cool, it reminded me of the books I had when I was a kid. They really brought the book to life and there are a couple of full page illustrations that I would love to have printed for Spike’s room!

This is the perfect type of book to have on Spike’s bookshelves at the moment because its the type to encourage her to pick up and read on her own. She is so good at reading and loves to be read to but is a bit lazy when it comes to reading herself. So anything that encourages that independence from her is great in my mind!

The Blue Beyond was published by Little Tiger Books on 9th July 2020. My copy was gifted to us from the publisher.

For more info or to buy the book (Affiliate link used) please visit:
Amazon | Hive | Publisher website | Jeanne Willis website | Bethany Christou website

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