The Bermudez Triangle – Maureen Johnson – Guest Review

“Look at us, we are the three
Nina, Mel and there’s Avery
Shout it loud, shout it louder,
Shout it out, Triangle Power!”

Nina, Mel and Avery form the Bermudez Triangle. Best friends since childhood they picked up the name during one of Nina’s birthday parties when another girl was jealous of their closeness. Spending all time together no matter what their relationship is tested when Nina goes off to precollege the summer before their senior year. Everything changes that summer and when Nina gets back she realises that maybe the triangle can some distorted shape once in a while, especially when it transpires that Avery and Mel are now more than just friends.

Read my Review of this amazing book here at Portrait of a Woman as a part of her Lesbian Teen Novels week! 


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