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The Beastly Pirates – John Kelly

The-Beastly-Pirates-John-Kelly“There’s a tavern by the harbour 

and its called 

The Pirate’s End, 

where the roughest rogues sit swapping 

tales of terror with their friends.” 

As a bunch of pirates, you’ll expect no fear, but when this group gets talking you’ll be surprised at what you hear. Their tales hold terror that even they cant convey, sometimes they’re so worried they hardly want to say. They tell the stories of the Beastly pirates, who’ll have you served up on plates. So if you see them I’d keep away, otherwise you might not see the light of day! 


The Beastly Pirates is a rhyming tale of the deadliest, beastliest pirates around, which had me shivering in my seat… until I learnt the truth!

I loved every rhyme and every page, the story was hilarious and I loved the idea that this bunch of pirates was scared of some other pirates that they had never seen but had just heard the stories about. The ending was even funnier and I loved what happens because this sort of thing happens all the time and I like that it gives kids an insight to the adult world almost!

The illustrations are so cool, so bold and bright and I can imagine any kid would love to just sit and look at the pictures when it comes to this book. They are fun and even when they’re showing something scary they just look funny and I loved every page.

The rhyming within the book was a little off for me in places but I honestly think that its because of the difference in dialect more than anything. There were parts of the rhyming which didn’t work because of the way I say words, but I know would work for some of my friends, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it just means that I was thrown off a little when I was reading it aloud to Spike.

Books like this aren’t actually aimed at 9 month olds, they are usually reserved for kids who are a little older who are reading with their parents and usually they feature very simple words that most kids have no problem with when they are learning to read, but there were some words in this book that even I struggled to say… not usually something you want with a book thats meant to rhyme and flow really well.

I did enjoy the Beastly Pirates but not as much as some of the other bedtime stories I’ve been reading to Spike. But it is a great story and its one we’ll be revisiting time and time again I’m certain!

The Beastly Pirates was published in February 2015 by Bloomsbury Publishing. My copy was sent to me as a gift.
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