The 13 Treasures – Michelle Harrison

“An unpleasant laugh sounded from somewhere near the bed. Tanya felt herself being propelled forwards and before she knew what was happening she had turned a full somersault in the air, followed by another… and another. 
‘Just stop it!’ 
She heard the desperation in her voice and hated it. 
The somersaulting stopped and, finally, she landed on her feet – upside down on the ceiling. The curtains billowed weirdly in the breeze. She averted her eyes, trying to steady herself. It was like gravity had reversed for her only. The blood was not rushing to her head, her pyjamas were not falling upwards, and her hair was now tumbling down her back.” 

Tanya often finds herself in sticky situations that she can’t explain. Being on the floor of her bedroom with the light fitting having come off the ceiling  and plaster all over the bedroom  is one example of these situations. Her mother finally snaps and sends her packing to live with her grandmother for a few weeks. Tanya has never felt wanted in her grandmothers house and the presence of the many fairies who live there too doesn’t help Tanya much either. Tanya can see the fairies, she has the second sight, and they are all too aware of this.
Tanya finds herself in the woods with Fabian, the son of the resident groundskeeper, one day and the come across someone unexpected. This meeting raises so many questions, especially after Tanya finds out about a girl who went missing 50 years ago who looks scarily familiar. The questions soon become theories and Tanya finds herself in a situation more alarmingly dangerous than ever before.
I cant remember the last time I read a  book where fairies adorn the pages. I often find myself watching movies with fairies, witches, mythical creatures but this facinastion rarely moves with me into my books. I more often than not choose books which are more realistic, even if they are future based sometimes, I don’t know why as I have never read a fantasy that I didn’t like!
The 13 Treasures falls into the list of fantasy books that I liked, in fact I loved it. The story keeps you on the edge, keeps you asking questions and making up theories. Tanya is such a likeable character, you feel sorry for her as the sticky situations are not really her fault. If they fey just left her alone then all would be fine. However if they did that then there wouldn’t be a story to read at all and that wouldn’t be any fun! I think the passage that I took, above, from the book is exactly the point that I knew I wouldn’t be able to put this book down. I could just see it, right there in my mind, whilst I was reading it
I loved the descriptions of the fairies within this book. I could vividly picture the shy hearthfay in the kitchen and the Mizhog that visits Tanya. In fact the description of everything within the book fascinated me, I could picture the woods, the house, the town nearby. However sometimes I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn’t set in olden times and in the kitchen there was a microwave and washing machine!! That through me quite often but I still think I have a good picture of what things looked like.
Tanya as a character seemed to grow up very quickly within the pages of this book. At the beginning I could clearly see that she was just a 13 year old girl but by the end I had to remind myself that she was only 13. But I guess certain experiences would probably make you grow up pretty quickly!
I really loved The 13 Treasures, I hope like hell that the library have the next instalment in when I next go because I really want to know what happens next, however I like that this book can kind of stand alone. You’re not left with that many unanswered questions, there’s no cliff-hanger. For me there is just the knowledge that there is another book in the series and my love for this one will get me to scour it out as soon as possible! 
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