Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have) – Sarah Mlynowski

“Saturday, March 28
I bolted awake. A siren.
The police were outside my house. Ready to arrest me for
underage partying, excessive flirting, and an overcrowded hot tub.
But Wait.
My brain turned on. No, not the cops. Just my phone – my dad’s
Aprils dad has moved to Cleveland. Leaving her to live in
the basement of her friend Vi’s house. Of course he thinks Vi’s mum will be
there too, but what he doesn’t know wont hurt him. Left to live out the rest of
the school year parentless and free the girls embark on various shenanigans
that they realise might not be the best idea… Buying a hot tub and throwing a
crazy party are just two of the ten things they did, and probably shouldn’t have.

I want to start this review by saying that this book is
actually called Ten Things We shouldn’t Have Done and has a completely
different cover in the UK. My reasons for spending extra on the US hardback (or
making my boyfriend buy me this one instead) are explained here.
I knew as soon as I had heard the synopsis of this book
that I was going to love it. It sounded exactly like the type of book that I
enjoy, a good contemporary story which has a bit of craziness, a bit of
laughter and a lot of growing up. I loved the story so much and though yes,
some people would say its a little unrealistic but I could actually see it
happening, even by accident. April lying to her dad about Vi’s mum being around
was just well thought out, I would have loved to have thought up that one at
The way the book is written is actually realy pretty
cool. You get a bit that actually happens towards to end of the story, first.
So April waking up to her dad calling on her birthday starts it off but you go
back to three months earlier after the first page and kinda go from there, with
a few flashbacks in between the chronological story. It was done in a really
clear way and I loved the little headings above paragraphs of flashbacks and
even parts of the main story. Each chapter is on of the thigns that April and
Vi did, in numerical order, but obviously that makes for kinda long chapters so
each one is broken up by the headings. I thought it was a really good tactic
and actually kept everything really simple, which is good with a book which has
There was a lot of growing up in this book, and I mean a
lot. I think it handles stuff really well, from first time sex, to discovering certain
feelings, STDs and family relationships. This book had all the bases covered
and I really loved that nothing was too dramatic, it felt really real. April
handled a lot of stuff exactly like I would have in that situation and though
she was, understandably, a bit messed up; I thought she was a brilliant
The characters throughout the book were fantastic and
even though Vi might appear a bit hot-headed and control-freak-like I loved her
the most. She was a strong character who in her own way tried to do the best
and be the best for her friends. She did remind me of the kind of secondary
best-friend characters you see in movies and books along this genre but I liked
that. The guys in the book were hilariously funny and I liked how amazingly
real they could be, you got some of the jerky behaviour but you also got some
of the kind, not in it for whatever they can get, stuff too.
I thought that Noah came across as pretty jerky a lot of
the time to be honest but I put it to the back of my mind because he and April
did appear to have the perfect relationship. I liked that you did see their
relationship develop, especially through the flashbacks, and though he was
annoying some of the times I could tell why April felt the way she did about
him. I love it when minor characters have their own side stories and this meant
that the mystery surrounding Hudson and what actually become apparent about him
was brilliant for me… Hudson was by far my favourite character and I well
want to hear more about him!! I wish there was a spin off story from Hudson’s
point of view, I’d well read that!
All in all, Ten Things We Did was a brilliant stroy that
I would recommend to anyone, especially thosxe in their mid to late teens,
read. It teaches you responsibilities and lessons by encountering things from
someone else’s life and I couldn’t put it down. Also now that I have read the
book, I stand by what I said and think that the US title and cover, is by far
the better one and the one which makes the most sense, especially the title.
Ten Things we Did (and Probably Shouldn’t Have) was
published in the US by Harper teen and released on June 7th, the UK publisher
was Orchard Books and the release date was August 4th. My copy was a gifted to


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