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Tempest Rising – Tracy Deebs

“I was ten the first time I saw her. I remember this clearly, because my mother left exactly two weeks later – on my eleventh birthday.”
Tempest is a mermaid. With not long to go until her seventeenth birthday the countdown was ticking til the time she would have to choose; life on land with her family or life in the sea, the total unknown.
She figures it’s an easy choice, she loves her family, has awesome friends and a lovely boyfriend. But then she meets Kona, who she knows isn’t from the land she knows and loves. Whilst trying to figure out what Kona is and why certain things are happening which don’t seem normal, even for a 17 year old who is undergoing a drastic change, Tempest finds herself diving in the sea to save Kona and ends up a little further than she expects.
I really enjoyed this book, it was full of action and mystery and I found myself itching to know what was going to happen next and needing to carry on “just one more page!” when I knew I had to stop for some reason or another (mainly work!)
The storyline was brilliant. I was pleased that Tempest knew what she was, but at the same time had lots to learn. I found myself getting frustrated along with her when she wasn’t getting the answers she wanted and dying to know what everything meant. Without giving too much away there’s a lot that Tempest doesn’t know and she finds herself in the midst of a undersea battle (this isn’t a spoiler as it pretty much says that on the back of the book!). This part of the book really stood out for me and I wanted to know more about it, you don’t learn much about it in this book but I got enough to have reason to believe that we’ll learn more about it in the next! I loved the book right up until the last page… because there was a lot left open for the second book but never fear…. I have reason to believe that the second book is scheduled for next year… so the only problem with the end will be the year long wait for the next instalment!!
The story was what made this book for me. I really loved it and it gripped me but unfortunately the characters didn’t. I found myself getting really annoyed with a few characters, including Tempest herself. She seemed a bit selfish to me and I hated that she acted first and thought later… usually mopping about the stupid thing she did. Kona was lovely and I’m so glad he was there to help Tempest out… She annoyed me a bit but mostly I felt sorry for her that she didn’t know anything about being a mermaid, just that she was one. I was glad Kona was there to help guide her but couldn’t help but think that surely her family should have been there in that time of need. Surely her mum could have explained something to her dad before she left?!
And then there was the love triangle. They are always hit and miss with me and really this one was a miss. I didn’t like that it enforced the selfish part of tempest that I saw and I felt bad on Mark because to be honest, even before Kona turned up I could tell that there was something amiss in their relationship!
I found the book a little slow at first and I think that’s because I needed the action to start… I needed it to get to the crazy storms and sea-creatures before I was really grabbed but… wow. As soon as they did turn up it was like I was yanked into the sea myself. I so want to visit the land under the sea and Kona’s house… well, that sounds like something out of a fairy-tale… or a Disney movie!
I did enjoy Tempest Rising… even if the characters weren’t as strong for me as I usually like I really enjoyed the story. I was totally bowled over by it and I seriously couldn’t put the book down during the last 150 pages. I need the sequel to wing its way to me as soon as possible because I want answers and fast! My mind zooms around as it is and I need to know what happens to Tempest, because really, even as slightly selfish I found her… I still loved her and I need to know what’s next for her!
Tempest Rising is Tracy Deebs’ first YA novel. It is released in the UK on Monday 4th July by Bloomsbury. Thank you to the publishers for sending me this book in exchange for an honest review. 


  • Liz. R

    I have this on my tbr pile – glad to see you enjoyed it! I haven’t read anything about mermaids before so I’m looking forward to it. Thanks for the review!

  • Marg K.

    The part of your review that mentions the slow start of the story brought to the forefront of my mind something I’ve been thinking about quite often lately.

    A little while back I started to notice that a lot of 1st installments of a book series, particularly in YA, seem more like very long prologues–introduction & setup–for the sequels. And that the action doesn’t really begin to pick up until about the last third or quarter of the book. For this reason my DNF pile is growing faster than never…I’m losing patience and can’t bring myself to wait that long for the story to engross me. I’m honestly starting to wish that more books these days were stand-alones.

    Anyways, wonderful in-depth review.

  • Anonymous

    I read this whole book i loved it but at the ending i want to read more and more i wanted never to stop reading i hope Tracy Deebs writes a second

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