Teachers Tales of Terror – Chris Priestley

“It was the beginning of March and the air was chill and dank. Mrs Nesbitt, the head teacher of St Apollonia’s School, stood in the playground, peering up at the darkening sky through her wire-rimmed spectacles. She Shivered and hoped the snow that was forecast would not arrive.”
On World Book Day St Apollonia’s School hosted a “Victorian dress up day” to celebrate it’s heritage. One of the schools teachers had called in sick and Mr Munro arrived to take care of the class which was without a teacher… or at least that was meant to happen. The teacher arrives and takes part in a class, sharing with them three spine-chilling stories, but something is all amiss in the school…

Having loved the three full books in the “Tales of Terror” series I didn’t think my experience would be complete unless I got hold of the mini World Book Day addition – The Teachers Tales of Terror.
Again you get a fantastic insight into the author’s gory, macabre imagination. There were only three stories in this book, not counting the slight story overlapping the main character, and whilst two of them were amazing, one fell a little short for me. I really didn’t like the first tale – The Jet Brooch – it didn’t have the suspense and creepy action that I love about Priestley’s work and everything happened to fast.
Saying that though the other two stories, fantastic! Simon Magus was genius and Lydia, wow! I didn’t see that coming at all! Then there’s the story about Mr Munro himself… I love that Priestley includes these little bits in his Tales of Terror series and I did think I had My Munro’s story sussed, but I didn’t at all and that was one of the best things about this book!
It’s a great addition to an already wonderful series, even if it is short! I definitely thinks it’s worth the 49p to buy on Kindle, unfortunately it is difficult to find a hard copy as It was a World Book Day book and they usually only print a small number I believe. I am almost certain you won’t find a new copy but you may find one second hand. The hard copy comes as a flip book with a short story from the Mortal Engines series by Phillip Reeve, on the other side.
Its definitely a fun read and a great way to get a quick Preistley fix! I urge anyone who hasn’t read the Tales of Terror series to go find all of them because the writing is always amazing and the way Priestley builds up suspense is great… the only problem with this one was it was over too soon!!
The Teachers Tales of Terror was published in 2011 by Bloomsbury for World Book Day. Thank you to Comacalm for kindly sending me a copy of this book.

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