Tales of Terror From the Black Ship – Chris Priestley

“For three long days the coast had been savaged by a wild and rabid storm. The waves threw themselves at the ancient cliffs with a rage few had ever witnessed, and certainly nothing I could remember seeing in the thirteen years of life – and I had lived nowhere else.”
On the third day of a fierce storm Ethan and Cathy become ill. Their fever reaches terrible levels and their father leaves them in their inn at the top of the cliff to go get help from the village. Ethan and Cathy awake, the last thing they remember before their long sleep was their father telling them not to leave the inn and not to allow anyone in. They go downstairs and Ethan starts sharing tales with his little sisters stories whilst the wind still roars outside. Then there’s a knock on the door, Ethan knows that he shouldn’t let the sailor in who is stood outside but takes pity on him allows entry. The sailor notices that the kids love tales and starts sharing some that he’s picked up out there on his travels.


Yet again Chris Priestley has made my mind whirl with excitement and terror! I loved the first of these books but if I didn’t already I would now for they get even better in the second book!
The tales themselves are thrilling, exciting and full of weird, wonderful and terrifying things! I love the atmosphere that is created through Priestley’s incredible descriptions and way with words. I loved that again there was a back story weaved between the short stories so we get to know the two children and the mysterious Mr Thackeray.  I really didn’t see the twist coming in that story at all so I was gobsmacked at the revelation at the end of this book which made it all the better!
As with the first the tales or terror that were told were fantastic. I remember being fascinated with the thoughts of pirates (probably from Peter Pan) when I was younger so tales from the Sea really fascinated me, especially The Monkey.
I’d have to say that from this collection my favourite stories were the main story of the children, The Monkey and The Boy in the Boat… though the thirdreally did terrify me and I wouldn’t recommend reading it just before bed!! These were all suitably terrifying with brilliant twists and fantastic characterisations. but to be honest, its unfair to single these ones out because all the tales were amazing! 
I can remember how I used to love terrifying myself at sleepovers with my friends and I really wish we had this book to read from when I was younger. I would have shrieked and squealed in all the right places but now I’m a bit too refined (in my old age!) to do that so I just sat there flinching every now and then instead!! I have the third of this series in my TBR and I really cant wait to see what Mr Priestley has in store next! I really must get my other halves’ son to read these books because I think theyre perfect for his age group! (he’s 11).
The Tales Of Terror was published in 2009 by Bloomsbury. Thank you so much to the publishers for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.


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