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    The Sad Ghost Club – Lize Meddings

    Ever felt anxious or alone? Like you don’t belong anywhere? Like you’re almost… invisible? Find your kindred spirits at The Sad Ghost Club.This is the story of one of those days – a day so bad you can barely get out of bed, when it’s a struggle to leave the house, and when you do, you wish you hadn’t. But even the worst of days can surprise you. When one sad ghost, lost and alone at a crowded party, spies another sad ghost across the room, they decide to leave together. What happens next changes everything. Because that night they start the The Sad Ghost Club – a secret society…

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    Dark Satanic Mills – Marcus Sedgwick, Julian Sedgwick, John Higgins & Marc Olivent

    Set in a near-future Britain, Dark Satanic Mills tracks a young girl’s journey from the flooded landmarks of London to the vast, scorched and abandoned hills of the north. Framed for a murder she did not commit, the innocent and beautiful Christie has no other choice but to run for her life.  Both a cautionary tale and a rip-roaring road trip, Dark Satanic Mills is altogether an intelligent, captivating and thrilling ride – The Wizard of Oz for a new generation, told in exhilarating shades of light and dark. *** Wow, this graphic novel was intense, but I shouldn’t have expected anything less with Marcus Sedgwick and John Higgins involved.…

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    Will & Whit – Laura Lee Gulledge

    Will is an artistic soul struggling with life. Living with her aunt and trying to help keep the family business afloat she crafts whimsical lamps, beautiful creations which keep her in the light, away from the darkness she is terrified of. As Will and her friends near the end of another summer she yearns for ‘unplugged adventures’ away from the constraints of technology and social media in particular. When Hurricane Whitney arrives and causes a blackout Will gets the unplugged adventure she wanted but has to face her fear of darkness head on.  *** Oh man, I love a good graphic novel and Will & Whit was definitely that!  The…