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    The Snow Dragon – Abi Elphinstone and Fiona Woodcock

    You can be late for many things in life, but you should never keep an adventure waiting… In Griselda Bone’s gloomy orphanage, daydreaming is banned, skipping is forbidden and Christmas is well and truly cancelled. But for Phoebe and her sausage dog Herb, is it possible that, just when things seem at their bleakest, magic awaits in the swirling, snow-filled air?  *** This beautiful story was on my to buy list for Spike from the minute I saw it. Unfortunately she doesn’t share my excitement for amazing authors just yet, so we ended up picking something else every time we were in Waterstones. Despite the amazing dragon on the cover. Spike picked it…

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    One Crow Alone – SD Crockett

    “High on a wave-battered cliff is a simple cottage built of stone. It clings the black rocks above a churning wide-grey sea. Smoke from a narrow chimney is beaten horizontal by the wind.  Inside the cottage a girl tends the fire. But her baby will not sleep.”  After her Grandmother dies, Magda is alone in their house in their small Polish village. That evening men come and evacuate the village, but not knowing who the men are, and assuming them to be thieves in the night, Magda hides. The next day she is alone completely. Taking her neighbours horse she rides towards the nearest town. There she finds more evacuations,…