• Book review for I Will Not Be Erased by gal-dem
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    “I will not be erased” by gal-dem

    Fourteen funny, insightful and inspirational essays from gal-dem, the award-winning magazine and creative collective of young women of colour. gal-dem are an award-winning creative collective of young women of colour, described by the Guardian as “bubbling with energy, ideas and talent”. In this thought-provoking collection of fourteen essays, their writers take raw material from their teenage years – diaries, poems and chat histories – and explore growing up. Straight-talking, funny and insightful, the essays tackle important subjects including race, gender, mental health and activism, making this essential reading for any young person. I would like to start this review by pointing out that I’m not the intended audience of this…

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    365 Days of Wonder – RJ Palacio

    “Precepts of maxims are of great weight; and a few useful ones at hand do more toward a happy life than whole volumes that we know not where to find. – Seneca.” A companion to the beautiful 2013 book Wonder, 365 days of Wonder is a book of quotes and wise words, one for each day of the year. It includes brilliant, funny and insightful quotes from well known authors, singers and even characters, including some form those we met in Wonder itself, along with a bit of additional information from Mr Browne, Auggie’s wonderful fifth grade teacher.  *** I loved the wise words in this book and thought they…

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    Popular: A Memoir – Maya Van Wagenen

    “‘School is the armpit of life,’ my best friend Kenzie once told me, Amen. My school is no exception. Walk through the scratched glass doors on that first day and your life becomes a series of brutal and painful encounters: being called a dick by the football player who sits near you in science, standing in a bra and granny panties in front of your gym locker that you can’t open while the girls around you giggle and point, crying in the bathroom because you don’t know it was possible for your heart to hurt this much.”  When Maya’s father finds a teenage popularity guide in the back room of…