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    The Nightsilver Promise – Annaliese Avery

    London, the Empire of Albion. The Great Dragons of old are long-gone. Now the world is governed by the science of Celestial Physicists, and everyone’s life is foretold by the track on their wrist.When thirteen-year-old Paisley discovers from her track that she is destined to die, the race is on to protect her dragon-touched brother and find her missing mother. But an ancient power stalks the sewers of London, and the Dark Dragon is rising, intent on restoring the Great Dragons and destroying Paisley’s family and her world forever.In a world where science rules and dragons fear to tread, Paisley must trust her instincts and forge new friends, as she…

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    The Diamond Thief – Sharon Gosling

    “Remy took a deep breath as she stood on the edge of the narrow plunge board. Above her, the old material of the big tops roof was close enough to touch. Below her was nothing at all but air dirtied by dust and tobacco smoke, and then, sixty feet below, arranged around the sawdust of the circus ring, there was the crowd. She could almost hear their silence, the collected indrawn breath of five hundred people.” As the finale of the circus show Remy is used to capturing the show, used to the attention. But up on the trapeze covered in greasepaint she feels like she can fly away and…

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    The City’s Son (The Skyscraper Throne #1) – Tom Pollock

    “I’m hunting. The sun sits low over Battersea, its rays streaking the brickwork like warpaint as I pad through the railway tunnels. My prey can’t be far ahead now: there’s a bitter, burnt stench in the air, and every few yards I find another charred bundle that used to be a rat.” Beth Bradley is in trouble. Having been caught doing graffiti on her school she is expelled. Her father doesn’t bat an eyelid and sits reading in the armchair just as he has done for the past three years since her mother died. Leaving the house she decides the streets are a better place for her and her drawings.…