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    I’ll be Home For Christmas – a YA Anthology

    Supporting homeless charity Crisis, this collection of short stories explores the lives of a number of young adults as they venture into very different Christmases. I have enjoyed reading short stories more and more since having Spike. I don’t have the time to commit to a book in full anymore and short stories give me the ideal reason to pick up a book for 10 minutes. This is why I thought I’ll be Home for Christmas was the ideal thing to read over the Christmas period last year. It features a number my favourite authors; Cat Clarke, Non Pratt and Juno Dawson. As well as a couple I’ve been meaning…

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    Eleanor & Park – Rainbow Rowell

    “He’d stopped trying to bring her back.  She only came back when she felt like it, in dreams and lies and broken-down deja vu. Like, he’d be driving to work, and he’d see a girl with red hair standing on the corner – and he’d swear, for half a choking moment, that it was her.  Then he’d see that the girl’s hair was more blond than red.  And that she was holding a cigarette… And wearing a Sex Pistols T-Shirt. Eleanor hated the Sex Pistols.” Eleanor knew she was done for the moment she stepped on the bus. She knew she’d be target practice for the vultures. New in town…

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    Friday Brown – Vikki Wakefield

    “My life has been told to me through campfire tales – stories that spill over when the fire has burned low and silence must be filled. They’re like old coats hauled from the back of the cupboard. Dusted off, aired out, good as new. My mother, Vivienne, doled them out as reward or consolation, depending on her mood. And so I came to know myself – through the telling and retelling. They became as much a part of me as blood or bone. On the night of my eleventh birthday, Vivienne told me that I was cursed.” Friday Brown has spent all her life on the run. Being brought up…