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    The Saddest Kitten – Holly Webb

    Isla loves hanging out at her best friend Hailey’s house, especially since Hailey has just gotten a beautiful kitten named Silky! But someone isn’t too thrilled with the new arrival — the family’s older cat, Pickle. A heartwarming chapter book from the Pet Rescue Adventures series featuring black and white illustrations throughout. When Hailey’s family goes away for the night, Isla offers to “cat-sit”. But to Isla’s surprise, Hailey’s new kitten, Silky, is clearly terrified of Pickle, Hailey’s older cat. How can Isla break the news to Hailey that her new kitten is so unhappy? Me and Spike were hoping to read this one together but its taking a little…

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    Squishy McFluff: The Invisible Cat! – Pip Jones (Illustrated by Ella Okstad)

    “Can you see him? My kitten? Close your eyes tight.  His fur is so soft and silvery white. imagine him quick!  Have you imagined enough? Oh, good! You can see him!  It’s Squishy McFluff!” When Ava meets an invisible cat in her garden one day she knows its the start of a beautiful friendship. Her and Squishy McFluff are off for some great adventures, with games and giggles along the way, join them as Ava’s family come to terms with their new invisible pet and Squishy McFluff and Ava get up to some mischief.  *** This has to be one of the cutest books I’ve ever read. Aimed at the…