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    This Careless Life – Rachel McIntyre

    Four best friends with perfect lives. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Who can resist the call of fame and fortune?Liv, Hetty, Jez and Duffy are auditioning for a new reality TV show. Producer Cassandra has warned them the process might be tough, but they are excited and keen to get on with things, confident that they can handle anything.But when Cass produces a photo of a body, everyone realises that they may have something to hide after all… *** I wasn’t sure about This Careless Life when I started reading. Liv seemed self-absorbed and something felt a little odd. But as soon as Liv’s interview started, I was hooked.…

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    Pop! – Catherine Bruton

    “Rules of Talent TV No: 1: Come up with a great story I’ve always been good at making up stories. I get it from me mam. She reckons the more outrageous you make a story the more likely people are to believe it – and she’s had plenty of practice at telling whoppers, so she should know.” The factory workers are on strike. For Elfie’s family – who’s dad laughed the strike – that means no money and her mum can’t cope with that so she’s out. For Jimmy’s family it means no money, and with his swimming training it means more pressure so that he can gain sponsorship. Money…

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    Dark of the Moon – Siobhan Curham

    “Hortense lights the final candle and steps away from the altar. Tendrils of incense smoke twist through the darkness like ghostly snakes, filling the air with the scent of sage. She takes a small wooden doll from her pocket and places it in the centre of the altar. A sudden breeze rushes through the trees like a nervous gasp, as if the island itself knows what’s about to happen.” Days after first arriving on a seemingly deserted island, Grace and her friends finally seem to have found a way off.. but things can’t be that easy, surely? Not when theres a voodoo queen on the warpath who needs Grace to…