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    The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

    So years ago I read the first Hunger Games book. The hype was huge and everyone was talking about it. The film was about to come out and I had high expectations… They weren’t realised. While I liked the book, I didn’t love it. So much so that I felt no inclination to continue the series straight away. The more time that went the less I felt the need to read them. I just wasn’t interested and although everyone was shocked at the fact that someone who considered themselves a book blogger, once upon a time, hadn’t read the books – I couldn’t bring myself to pick them up. When…

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    Fearsome Dreamer – Laure Eve

    “Surely that was too much blood for anyone to lose.  She never would have thought that people had so much of the stuff inside them. Was it all the blood, then, and was she seeing this woman’s life draining away before her eyes? Would it stay with her for ever, this moment? Would she tell herself to remember it, to see if she could, years upon years later?” Apprenticed to a Hedgewitch Rue is always being chastised for being a dreamer. In the countryside of Angle Tar this is seen as a bad thing, but she never understood why. She longs for the city streets, to feel the knowledge the…