• Space Detectives by Mark Power and Dapo Adeola
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    Space Detectives – Mark Powers and Dapo Adeola

    Connor and Ethan are spending their summer holidays aboard the world’s first orbiting city, Starville (basically Beverley Hills in space!). The amazing space station is bursting with celebrities and the mega-rich. But Connor and Ethan are too busy selling ice cream to see the sights.However, neither of our heroes can resist a mystery and when they discover the space station is hurtling on a collision course with the moon (eep!) they know they need to step in. This is a case for the SPACE DETECTIVES!Can Connor and Ethan find the culprit and save Starville from its impending doom? *** Such a funny and brilliant story, Space Detectives is like an…

  • blog post for The Saddest Kitten 5-7 book from Holly Webb
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    The Saddest Kitten – Holly Webb

    Isla loves hanging out at her best friend Hailey’s house, especially since Hailey has just gotten a beautiful kitten named Silky! But someone isn’t too thrilled with the new arrival — the family’s older cat, Pickle. A heartwarming chapter book from the Pet Rescue Adventures series featuring black and white illustrations throughout. When Hailey’s family goes away for the night, Isla offers to “cat-sit”. But to Isla’s surprise, Hailey’s new kitten, Silky, is clearly terrified of Pickle, Hailey’s older cat. How can Isla break the news to Hailey that her new kitten is so unhappy? Me and Spike were hoping to read this one together but its taking a little…

  • book review of The Snow Dragon by Abi Elphinstone and Fiona Woodcock with book cover and blog title graphic
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    The Snow Dragon – Abi Elphinstone and Fiona Woodcock

    You can be late for many things in life, but you should never keep an adventure waiting… In Griselda Bone’s gloomy orphanage, daydreaming is banned, skipping is forbidden and Christmas is well and truly cancelled. But for Phoebe and her sausage dog Herb, is it possible that, just when things seem at their bleakest, magic awaits in the swirling, snow-filled air?  *** This beautiful story was on my to buy list for Spike from the minute I saw it. Unfortunately she doesn’t share my excitement for amazing authors just yet, so we ended up picking something else every time we were in Waterstones. Despite the amazing dragon on the cover. Spike picked it…

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    The Serpent House – Bea Davenport

    “My name is Annie Cotterill and I’m twelve years old. It is the first month of the Year 1899 and I’m on my way to the train station with my brother Tom and his sweetheart, Lucy. Tom has his bag of money, Lucy has a bundle of clothes and I have something in my pocket that just might make my fortune. We’re about to start a new life. Again.” When Annie Cotterill moves to Hexer Hall to be closer to her brother, little does she know that the mysterious Lady Hexer has plans for her. Annie is Lady Hexer’s key to the past, where she needs to go to find…

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    The Goblin’s Gift – Conrad Mason

    “It’s not the pain that he enjoys.  It’s the fear. He straightens his glasses with a thumb and forefinger and inspects the creature squirming on the desk before him. It is pinned to a wooden blocks, wings pierced with Azurmouth steel so that it cannot escape from the darkened cabin.  A female fairy. Daemonium volans. Deamonspawn.” Joseph, a half-goblin ex tavern boy, has recently joined The Demon’s Watch. He and his fellow watchmen protect Port Fayt, a town where humans, goblins, fairies and other beings live alongside one another quite happily. Until The League of Light threaten the townsfolk and and sends an armada to wipe it off the map.…

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    Curse of Kings – Alex Barclay

    “Fourteen Years Ago… Wind rushed in from the cold night and quenched all but three of the torches that lit the great hall of Castle Derrington. King, Micah, weakened by illness, lay slumped on his throne, his breathing dry and shallow. A towering band of men on horseback surrounded him, flames dancing in their eyes, their cheeks streaked with blood.”  Orland Born is a slave in Castle Derrington, that is the only life he has known. But when he is branded a champion in the areas Games, he fears he is in danger. When he receives a letter from a long dead king and a mysterious man tries to kidnap…

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    Killing Rachel – Anne Cassidy

    ***Please Note, Killing Rachel is the second in the Murder Notebooks series and this review may contain slight spoilers for the previous book, Dead Time***“Rose was hiding. It was dark and cold and she was in a shop doorway staring at two people across the road. The street was busy and a stream of people passed without noticing her, wrapped up against the cold night air.” Rose and Joshua are still looking for their parents. Since their disappearance five years ago they know a number of things, but the police are still telling them that their parents are dead, the case is closed. But when Rose is contacted by a…

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    Something a little different: Dinosaur Board Books by Megan E Bryant

    A colourful collection of four brilliant board books for your little ones to help with their abcs, numbers, shapes and colours. This collection is a must have for any parent, especially one with children who love dinosaurs as much as I do!  This collection was sent to me from the publisher as it fits in well with my obsession with dinosaurs. I loved seeing the wonderful illustrations, by Luciana Navarro Powell, of all the many different types of dinosaurs and will definitely be recommending this to my colleagues and friends who have kids. Unfortunately I don’t have my own children yet but I can just see how much of a…